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Paul and Billie Kaye Tsika were married April 28, 1966. Paul is an author and speaker, while Billie is a singer and writer. Paul is the author of 5 books, Billie Kaye has recorded 7 singing albums and is the author of 2 books. They have three children. Gretchen Ann who has been married to Mark Rush for 26 years with 3 girls. Paul Edward II who has been married to Melanie for 25 years with 2 girls and 2 boys. And, Thomas James who has been married to Kelley for 23 years with 2 girls and 1 boy. They reside at Restoration Ranch in Texas working side by side with their two sons and their families. Mark and Gretchen serve in a church in California. Find out more at:

Easily Offended

Easily Offended by Paul Tsika on Life Supernatural

Who’s fault is it? One of the greatest challenges we all face in life is offenses. Even Jesus said in Matthew 18:7 that offenses would come, but just make certain they don’t come through you (my paraphrase). Life is filled with opportunities to be offended. Every day, we run across family and friends, co-workers and [...]