The Restored Life

The Restored Life by Thom Gardener

We are more literate, more filled with data, than at any time in the history of the Church.  We have more books or ebooks, more teaching, webinars, powerful conferences; yet our hearts, our families, and indeed the world around us remain unchanged. There must be a further transformation, a greater becoming of who we are in Christ. [...]

4 Powerful Healing Worship Songs

4 Powerful Healing Worship Songs by Larry Sparks

Someone recently asked me for some recommendations on powerful “healing” worship/music and after going back through some of my favorite albums I decided on the following: Kim Walker-Smith: “Healing Oil” Available on her album “Still Believe” – iTunes   Bethel Music: “Healer” Available on the album Here Is Love – iTunes   Deluge: “Healing is [...]

A Moment of Grace – Access to God

A Moment of Grace Access to God by Clark Whitten

Access to God “We all have access to God provided by Christ our High Priest in the same measure that He does! There is no “cleaning ourselves up” before we enter His presence or come before His throne. Jesus has already “cleaned us up” to the point of perfection. Nothing we can do will add [...]

The Supernatural Lifestyle – Our Birthright

The Supernatural Lifestyle is Our Birthright by Venetia Carpenter for Life Supernatural

The Everyday Supernatural Life When most of us think of the supernatural realm, we don’t always think of these things happening in everyday life.  I was like most, who thought of supernatural encounters taking place in special settings or operating through a select few.  I am referring to supernatural encounters in the life of the [...]

Fighting for Your Marriage

Fighting for Your Marriage by Mike and Anne Rizzo on Life Supernatural

“It is fun to be in the same decade with you.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Winston Churchill They had just spent three weeks together at the White House, in strategic war planning and personal friendship building. Upon his return to England, Churchill found the note that Roosevelt had wired ahead. Two men, leaders of [...]

Easily Offended

Easily Offended by Paul Tsika on Life Supernatural

Who’s fault is it? One of the greatest challenges we all face in life is offenses. Even Jesus said in Matthew 18:7 that offenses would come, but just make certain they don’t come through you (my paraphrase). Life is filled with opportunities to be offended. Every day, we run across family and friends, co-workers and [...]