A Moment of Grace – Access to God

A Moment of Grace Access to God by Clark Whitten

Access to God

“We all have access to God provided by Christ our High Priest in the same measure that He does! There is no “cleaning ourselves up” before we enter His presence or come before His throne. Jesus has already “cleaned us up” to the point of perfection. Nothing we can do will add anything to that finished work. ” (Pure Grace Page 71)

Let’s Talk Grace

It is important to remember what it takes to have “access” to God. Only those who are without any sin attached can be in union with Him!  That is precisely why God had to remove our sin from us; why Christ “took our sins away.” Access to God, for the Believer, is fully available and never restricted in ANY measure for ANY reason!  The erroneous religious idea that God withdraws from Believers if they have “unconfessed” sin in their lives is a lie that corrupts the glorious gospel. The devil must rejoice over such nonsense. COME BOLDLY BEFORE HIS THRONE!

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Clark Whitten About Clark Whitten

Pastor Clark Whitten has pastored three mega-churches in his 35 years of pastoral ministry. In 2005, Pastor Whitten planted Grace Church in Longwood, Florida. For many years, Pastor Whitten has traveled across the United States encouraging churches through revivals, conferences, and speaking engagements. He serves on the board of directors of Marriage Today and Exodus International. Visit www.graceorlando.com