Venetia Carpenter

About Venetia Carpenter

Venetia Carpenter is an ordained minister. She is the founder and President of Ecclesia International Ministries as well serving in a leadership role at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. She serves in providing Biblical encouragement as well as both corporate and individual prophetic ministry. Venetia is also the author of three published books, Life Outside the Matrix, Church, who’s your Daddy and Following the Heart of the Great Shepherd. You can find her at:

The Supernatural Lifestyle – Our Birthright

The Supernatural Lifestyle is Our Birthright by Venetia Carpenter for Life Supernatural

The Everyday Supernatural Life When most of us think of the supernatural realm, we don’t always think of these things happening in everyday life.  I was like most, who thought of supernatural encounters taking place in special settings or operating through a select few.  I am referring to supernatural encounters in the life of the [...]