“The God Watchers” by Pastor Don Nori, Sr.

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  Access the blueprint that will transform your world! As the Father has sent Me, I also send you. —Jesus, John 20:21 What is God’s will for my life? Christians have asked this question for centuries. In recent years, the desperate have flooded conferences, attended events, and traveled to the latest, greatest seminars in hope [...]

“Rightly Dividing the Word” with Ira Milligan

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

Natural and Spiritual “Christians cannot walk in blind obedience and please God. He wants us to understand His ways and joyfully fulfill His will.” Well-known author and teacher Ira Milligan expertly shares how the Bible is divided into two parts: the natural, God’s purposes revealed through the history of the Jewish nation, and the spiritual, or God’s purposes fulfilled in Jesus [...]

“Encounters: Stories of Healing” with Randy Hill

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

Get real! The Bible isn’t an old-time version of a modern video game with pretend people. Real people encountered a real Jesus and got real answers to real problems. Setting the stage with exciting stories and characters ripped from the pages of the Bible, Encounters illuminates the human element in the lives that Jesus touched [...]

Experiencing God’s Presence at Bethel Church

Experiencing God's Presence at Bethel Church by Larry Sparks

Right now, I am sitting at a Starbucks in Redding, CA, gearing up for a day of filming with Bill Johnson at Bethel Church. Over the next two days, we are recording a DVD-based curriculum series based on his teaching, Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. We are approaching this project with great expectation, as [...]

“Tears of Heaven Series Book 5: The Final Conflict”

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

    Darkness consumes the planet as the Great Tribulation moves into its final and most critical moments. As history spirals towards its conclusion and creation imminently awaits the victorious return of Christ and His armies, Dr. Tom Carson, his family, and an elite resistance team rise up and engage the malevolent forces of evil [...]

“Kisses from a Good God” by Paul Manwaring

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  Redefining victory through the eyes of a cancer survivor! Author Paul Manwaring was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 2008. Kisses from a Good God recounts his journey from the first diagnosis, through the prayers of believing friends and family, his choice to undergo surgery, and to his ultimate healing victory.   Kisses from a Good [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Joey LeTourneau

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  Life is waiting!   Tap into the Life Giver Himself and begin to give life more abundantly. Then share it! The whole world is your family in need. Based on the author’s profound, personal vision when he was caught up into Heaven, he shares the intimate details that the Lord gave him about heavenly [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Laurette Willis

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  Get Fit. Build Faith. Change Your Life. Statistics show that there are 50,000 – 100,000 yoga instructors offering classes in over 20,000 locations. This includes churches! It is time for believers to connect with the Lord using a fun and safe exercise program void of New Age influence. Christian fitness personality, Laurette Willis presents a custom [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Tommy Welchel

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  A generation today is asking, Where are all God’s miracles which our fathers told us about? (Judges 6:13). Author of the best-selling book They Told Me Their Stories, Tommy Welchel answered this question, living among the youth of one of the greatest spiritual outpourings ever experienced—the Azusa Street Revival. During this time, Tommy recorded first-hand accounts of [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Jamie Galloway

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  Supernatural Revolution tells you how to bring the realm of the supernatural into an active reality in your life. Written with passion, humility, and expectancy, Supernatural Revolution is about what God is accomplishing. Author Jamie Galloway vividly describes what he sees happening supernaturally, and demonstrates through his own worldwide supernatural experiences how to walk [...]