Discover how you can experience deep relief…in minutes!


  Many people pursue healing… when God has actually made it possible for you to live healed and whole! Join Larry Sparks as he talks with Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark about their latest book, “Deep Relief Now.” They will share Biblical tools that will show you how to experience healing by living in the [...]

The Secret To Pursuing (and Enjoying) Purity In Your Life with Jackie Kendall


  In our over-sexualized culture, pure has become the new “four letter word.” So many people try to avoid the Biblical call for purity because they believe purity is a way that God restricts us from enjoying life. What if purity was actually protection? Not just from disease or pregnancy or making a “bad choice.” What if purity was [...]

Reclaim Your Soul and Experience Living in Freedom with Dr. Cindy Trimm


  Is it possible to walk in freedom, empowerment and resilience as a lifestyle—not just a temporary experience? Too many people are familiar with the “altar call” approach to life. Week after week, individuals attend churches and approach the altars, carrying their struggles. They receive prayer and earnestly pray to receive their breakthroughs. Why are [...]

TV personality Danette Crawford’s 14th Annual Mother’s Day Event offers hope to thousands of single moms

Danette Crawford_Total Turnaround_Press Release

(Virginia Beach, Va - April 16, 2014) ~ TV personality, Danette Crawford, is no stranger to the difficulties that single mothers face, as she has raised her 15-year-old daughter alone since she was just two-weeks-old.  Overcoming adversity through faith and fortitude, it is through Crawford’s life experiences and her compassion that drives her perpetual need to give [...]

Avoid The Deception That Holds You Back From Destiny


  Is the grass really greener on the other side? Or is this lie simply part of the ultimate illusion that continues to lull countless people to sleep and cause them to settle for less than their God-ordained destinies? Get ready to break free from the entanglement of deception you experience everyday and learn how [...]

Phyllis Tickle – The Ancient Key to Supernatural Christianity


  How does the theology of an “Ancient Ghost” actually give you a blueprint for the shaping of Christianity today? What is it about the Third Person of the Trinity that has inspired so much controversy, debate and interest? Join Larry Sparks as he interviews prolific author, Phyllis Tickle, on her latest book, Age of [...]

48 Hour Sale for Cindy Trimm!

40 day 2

This is just a 48 Hour Sale get the Bestselling book for only $1.99. Tell your friends and get it today! While this sale is over, you can find out about other upcoming sales and offers by signing up here: Sign up for our weekly ebook deals and get them delivered to your inbox every [...]

The Secret Power of Covenant (Book Review)

The Secret Power of Covenant

Principles for Tapping into the power of the Covenant In his book “The Secret Power of Covenant” Kerry Kirkwood provides the reader with practical life-changing applications that can impact every area of life. He begins with the foundational principle of Biblical Covenants, as used in business today, and a comparison of covenant and contract. Kirkwood’s [...]

Christian Music Artist Jason Clark’s Anticipated Return With Free Download Of New EP Heaven’s Crush


  Concord, NC- March 24, 2014) – Singer/songwriter, Jason Clark, is set to release his highly anticipated follow-up EP to his critically acclaimed CD, Surrendered & Untamed. Clark, formerly of the band Fringe, will make all four songs available for free download to the public at,, tonight at midnight through March 31st.

Father, Son… and the Other One


  If we lost the Holy Spirit… would Christianity go on as usual? In the modern church, we seem to have it all. Big buildings. Exciting programs. Lucrative marketing efforts. And yet… in spite of all of the trimmings, is there a void? Is something, or Someone, missing from our programs? Does this Someone actually [...]