Here We Are – Music Review

Harbour Live Here We Are Worship Album Review by Larry Sparks

Harbour Live Sets A High Bar With Exceptional Debut Worship Album Even though Harbour’s debut album, Here We Are has been out for a few years now, it is completely worth recognizing for being a fresh breath of air in the worship community. There are others, don’t get be wrong. But as far as delivering [...]

Stand in Awe – Music Review

Stand in Awe

One of my favorite things in the world is intelligently-penned worship music. This quality undeniably characterizes the hymns and choruses of old that still having staying power in the church today. This is why they are such an anchor to us. Such songs place a demand on us as worshipers. Timeless anthems forbid mindless worship [...]

Kingdom Come – Music Review

Kingdom Come by Bryan and Katie Torwalt Review by Larry Sparks

Right off the bat, I encourage you not to compare Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s second album to their outstanding, exceptional, groundbreaking, stunning debut recording, Here on Earth (released in 2011). I make the following statement without any reservation: Here On Earth is one of the greatest compilations of worship songs I have ever heard. On [...]

4 Powerful Healing Worship Songs

4 Powerful Healing Worship Songs by Larry Sparks

Someone recently asked me for some recommendations on powerful “healing” worship/music and after going back through some of my favorite albums I decided on the following: Kim Walker-Smith: “Healing Oil” Available on her album “Still Believe” – iTunes   Bethel Music: “Healer” Available on the album Here Is Love – iTunes   Deluge: “Healing is [...]

Tides – Music Review

Bethel Music - Tides Review by Larry Sparks

Bethel Music is Turning Tides With Outstanding New Album! I was at a local Christian bookstore and, to my surprise, they were selling Bethel Music’s latest album Tides. The official release date was slated for September 3—so I was quite thrilled to be an early adopter and critical raver for this incredible project! An Album [...]

Revealing Jesus – Music Review

Revealing Jesus Review by Larry Sparks

Revealing Jesus – Darlene Zschech I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about the release of a worship project! Revealing Jesus is, without a doubt, my favorite worship release of the year and one of the top ten best of the past decade. My only complaint is perhaps the project’s greatest compliment—what [...]

Home – Music Review

Home by Kim Walker-Smith Music Review

I’ll be honest, when I heard that Kim Walker-Smith was doing something slightly unconventional and different from the typical Jesus Culture fare, I was concerned. Needless to say, every concern was put to rest (and then some) as I listened through the album after one go around. No exaggeration. Was I concerned because I didn’t [...]

Glorious Ruins – Review

Life Supernatural Review of Hillsong Live album Glorious Ruins

The latest release from Hillsong Live, Glorious Ruins, is definitely worth checking out. It is not Cornerstone, which was a truly fresh offering from the Australia-based worship team, very reminiscent of their “old-time” recordings, with each song being very intentional about keeping Christ front and center. And yet, what I do appreciate about this particular [...]