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Harbour Live Here We Are Worship Album Review by Larry SparksHarbour Live Sets A High Bar With Exceptional Debut Worship Album

Even though Harbour’s debut album, Here We Are has been out for a few years now, it is completely worth recognizing for being a fresh breath of air in the worship community. There are others, don’t get be wrong. But as far as delivering new songs and new sounds, Harbour Live continues to deliver the goods.

Experience Worship That Says “Yes” to All of the Right Things

In fact, I cannot recommend this recording enough. From beginning to end, you are invited into the very experience that this incredible church enjoys on a weekly basis. The songs and sounds of Harbour are not exceptional because God decided to grace one church, while passing by others. Surely not.

Rather, the leaders in this worship community have said a resounding “Yes.” Not to fame. Not to Christian pop. Not to radio friendly-ness. Not to becoming the “latest and greatest craze.” They have said “Yes” to the Presence of God. They have said “Yes” to Kingdom creativity. They have said “Yes” to “encounter-birthed songs,” where the lyrics are actually written out of revelation, experience, and solid God-centric theology. Because Harbour has said “Yes” to the right things, their worship actually carries the Presence of God and brings you along for the powerful, intimate journey.

Worship leaders, Justin Jarvis and Mary Kat Ehrenzeller, have rightfully been acknowledged for what they bring to the table in this recording. If you have listened to the phenomenal cuts on the Jesus Culture Emerging Voices recording, you will have been exposed to the songs of Harbour Church. Mary Kat led “Who Can Compare” (which is also on Here We Are) and “Mighty Fortress,” while Justin Jarvis led “Here We Are” (the title track of Harbour Live’s album) and “Be My Love.”

Songs that Stir Your Heart To High Praise and Intimate Worship

I would encourage worship leaders to specifically invest in this album due to the quantity of up-tempo, praise songs. Such tend to be lacking today—at least songs of praise that are well-written, reflective, prophetic, and engaging. Here We Are delivers on all fronts. From the explosion of praise and faith of the first track, “Rise” to the prophetic “Here We Are,” to the intimate (yet up-tempo), “We Are One” and the declarative, “This is Our God,” Here We Are is not lacking for anthems of praise. And each one is exceptional.

Truly, this album delivers with stirring announcements of praise and deeply intimate love songs of worship. Mary Kat’s “Who Can Compare” is simply stunning, reminding listeners that God Almighty is truly incomparable and yet, He is the very One Who personally leads us through every season of life, lifting our heads and filling us with His hope. There is an unusual grace on this song.

“In the Middle” is another song that I cannot get enough of. Justin Jarvis penned a powerhouse devotional, reflective worship anthem that tenderly contemplates our intimacy with God, while dynamically inviting His Presence to invade.

It is a rare worship album that is capable of sending you to soaring heights of praise while also bringing your heart into deep, intimate moments of worship. Here We Are delivers on both. The project does not simply surprise; it overwhelms. Get ready for a treat!

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