Leaving Limbo – Movie Review

Leaving Limbo Movie Review

Leaving Limbo – A beautiful film with a beautiful message As we grow older we often think back to periods in our lives and wonder “whatever happened to those years?” Imagine if you were a promising young girl just out of high school and you suffer a horrendous accident that puts you in a coma [...]

Seven Deadly Words – Film Review

Seven Deadly Words Film Review

When sitting down to what you think will be a faith movie it is surprising to hear a suspenseful musical chord and see the arrival of a train, a very Alfred Hitchcock opening. Doc Benson, the producer, director, and writer has surely taken a hint from the old master of suspense to give us a [...]

Beyond the Farthest Star – Movie Review

Beyond The Farthest Star Christian Movie Review

Wow! Really, that was my honest reaction after seeing Beyond the Farthest Star. And it’s ironic because Anne, the troubled daughter of Adam, pastor of a small church in the tiny hamlet of Leonard, Texas, often uses those two words as a sarcastic mantra invoked whenever someone tells her something she does not want to [...]

Christmas for a Dollar – Movie Review

Movie Review Christmas for a Dollar

The Gale Sears children’s book illustrated by Ben Sowards, Christmas for a Dollar, about a family during the early part of the Great Depression has been made into a beautiful film sure to be numbered among the Christmas classics.    There is a sweet touch of the Waltons, though in this case it is a single [...]

The Ultimate Life – Movie Review

The Ultimate Life Movie Review

An Invitation from a Friend When friend and author Jim Stovall made an advanced screening of the newest film based on one of his books available to me, I knew I wanted to go. Although I am a friend of Jims, I’m also a big fan of his work and have enjoyed many of his [...]