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About Dr. Fred Eichelman

Dr. Fred Eichelman is a retired educator and one of the founders of Point North † Outreach, a Christian media organization. He is the editor of its publication, Point North † Tidings. For information about this organization or to subscribe to receive it free on-line, contact: dreichelman@yahoo.com or visit: www.PointingNorth.com

Leaving Limbo – Movie Review

Leaving Limbo Movie Review

Leaving Limbo – A beautiful film with a beautiful message As we grow older we often think back to periods in our lives and wonder “whatever happened to those years?” Imagine if you were a promising young girl just out of high school and you suffer a horrendous accident that puts you in a coma [...]

Seven Deadly Words – Film Review

Seven Deadly Words Film Review

When sitting down to what you think will be a faith movie it is surprising to hear a suspenseful musical chord and see the arrival of a train, a very Alfred Hitchcock opening. Doc Benson, the producer, director, and writer has surely taken a hint from the old master of suspense to give us a [...]

Interview with ReAnn Ring about Return to the Hiding Place

Return to the Hiding Place-Film Review

As a fan of of Corrie ten Boom I have been familiar with her books, The Hiding Place and Tramp for God. The film based on The Hiding Place is a classic, and we were very pleased to learn of her involvement in this new production, Return to the Hiding Place. We also know that the [...]

The Good Book-Film Review

The Good Book-Film Review

As a movie buff I have developed a liking for many of the old silent films that dominated the screens until the 1920s. I assumed those days were gone until I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new company, Mainstreet Productions, has taken this art to a new level. Fred and Sharon Wilharm have [...]

God’s Not Dead-Film Review

God's Not Dead-Film Review

As one who loved Kevin Sorbo’s faith film, What If, I was glad to hear about his latest, God’s Not Dead, on Facebook and in a trailer they ran before the film, Son of God. The trailer alone was mind blowing as over the years I have read and seen personally horror stories about what [...]

Divine Intervention in the Life of Rhonda Fleming

Divine Intervention in the Life of Rhonda Fleming

The first story run in the publication Point North Tidings was on an actress whose life is an outstanding testimony as to what faith and prayer can do. Certainly Rhonda Fleming is living proof of that. What especially interested this writer is that she was one of those instrumental in the movement for Christians to [...]

The Gospel According to Disney – Book Review

The Gospel According to Disney by Mark I Pinsky

  The film Saving Mr. Banks has caused quite a buzz despite not being nominated for any major awards. This has centered around Walt Disney because for the first time, in the excellent portrayal by Tom Hanks, there was information about Disney’s past and his upbringing. While Disney enthusiasts have likely read the many books [...]

Interview with Morgan Brittany

Life Supernatural Morgan Brittany Interview

Several friends have told me that Morgan Brittany was a person we needed to interview and a few months ago I had the opportunity to meet with her and quickly agreed. I knew right away this was someone to cover as she had quite a bit to say about what Christians are faced with in [...]

Examine Your Faith – Book Review

Examine your Faith Pamela Christian Book Review

Though I was not a religion major or minor in college I have had enough courses, seminars and book readings to feel fairly comfortable in my Christian education. However, when it came to Christian apologetics I admit I found myself either overwhelmed or bored. This is largely due to the fact that books utilizing apologetics [...]

Interview with Francine Locke – Stand Your Ground

Francine Locke actress from Stand Your Ground movie

We have been hearing a great deal about a new film coming out January 17th, 2014, Stand Your Ground  and about one of its principal stars, Francine Locke.  She has already been making waves in the faith and family film world so we knew we needed to be in touch with her for details.  Francine [...]