The Good Book-Film Review

The Good Book-Film ReviewAs a movie buff I have developed a liking for many of the old silent films that dominated the screens until the 1920s. I assumed those days were gone until I was pleasantly surprised to find that a new company, Mainstreet Productions, has taken this art to a new level. Fred and Sharon Wilharm have put together a faith film that is without dialogue in several excellent short stories in one hour. Titled The Good Book, the acting, music and filming convinces the viewer that they are hearing dialogue. It is not the over the top acting in those old silents; it is professionally done so that nothing is missed in the viewing.

The Good Book-Film ReviewOne Bible…Seven Lives

The story revolves around young Daniel who receives the a small red New Testament Bible from a church youth group. Circumstances cause him to run away from home. The Bible goes from hand to hand affecting the lives of several people including Daniel (Evan Fielding), the homeless man (played well by Torry Martin), a public defender and his wife (BK Bomar and Apolonia Davalos), a bag lady (Amanda Pentecost), a purse snatcher (Leanna Robbins) and a “church woman” (excellently played by Jenn Gotzon). As each person passes it on they sign it and eventually it winds up in the hands of a missionary (Josh Childs). We have all heard stories about how a Bible found by a prisoner in a cell or in a drawer of a hotel room has changed lives and this film illustrates the power that scripture can have in changing lives.

The Good Book-Film Review

Does this Film Pass the Tests?

There is always a concern that combining a number of stories in so short a period can be confusing; however, the clever interconnecting of each vignette makes this a solid film that will move the audience and have them wanting more. Yes, there are messages; however, you are not hit over the head with them as too often happens when Christians try to tell a story. Also many independent films have been criticized for their sound, their lighting and their editing. The Good Book passes all those tests.

More Information about The Good Book

The Wilharms consider this a “World Outreach Without Words” and are proving a ministry kit. They hope to have this film featured in film festivals, churches and schools and you may contact them by going to the following website:


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