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Stand in Awe by Jon Thurlow Review by Larry SparksOne of my favorite things in the world is intelligently-penned worship music. This quality undeniably characterizes the hymns and choruses of old that still having staying power in the church today. This is why they are such an anchor to us. Such songs place a demand on us as worshipers. Timeless anthems forbid mindless worship and invite us to truly explore and behold God in the manifold dimensions of His glory. This is one of the many reasons I can highly recommend Jon Thurlow’s recently-released album, Stand in Awe, to you.


Worship At Another Level

Thurlow is one of the worship leaders at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. One thing you will never get from any of the songwriters out there is weightless worship or peppy praise. You know what I’m talking about it. In a day when it seems like anyone can write a “worship song” and make it the next biggest thing since sliced bread, I honor those who write from a place of intimacy and encounter with the Holy Spirit. Songs like this are bold. They are fresh. They carry something, and Thurlow’s worship certainly fits the mold.

I’m not saying that this type of worship music needs to be wordy. Substance is not expressed through the quantity of words, but rather, the quality.

From the initial praise cuts on the album, the listener is taken on a melodic journey, rich in lyrical depth and passion. Starting with “Who is Like You,” celebrating the unlikeness of Almighty God and the up-tempo “Have the Glory,” we are treated to worship music that is truly saturated in substance.

Some Stand Out Songs

“Fully in Love” gets me every time. “It’s what You wanted in the garden. It’s what You wanted on the mountain. It’s what You wanted on the cross-beam… just a heart that’s falling in love.” Never ceases to grip me.

“Take Your Place” is well-suited for congregational worship. A sweeping, building, powerhouse of an anthem.

Another highlight is the jazzy, funky “Simple Conversation,” where Thurlow beautifully explores how prayer is a continuous conversation with God.

Jon Thurlow is both a worshiper and an outstanding musician. If you want to know what happens when these two worlds collide, purchase Thurlow’s Stand in Awe today. Incredible.

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Check out a sample of some of Thurlow’s incredible worship here…

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