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Revealing Jesus Review by Larry SparksRevealing Jesus – Darlene Zschech

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited about the release of a worship project!

Revealing Jesus is, without a doubt, my favorite worship release of the year and one of the top ten best of the past decade.

My only complaint is perhaps the project’s greatest compliment—what was recorded on the album was simply not enough! I loved every moment of the recording – and found myself wanting more. The Presence of God captured on that powerful night of worship (at Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL featuring guests such as Michael W. Smith, Israel Houghton, and Kari Jobe) is so strong on the songs that I fully expect to hear testimonies of signs and wonders taking place as a result of congregations singing these heaven-sent anthems.

A Voice for a Generation

Since 1999, Darlene Zschech has not only been a personal hero for me in ministry, but she has been a voice that has rallied a generation to passionately pursue God’s Presence at any cost. Her songs are the outflow of a true lifestyle of worship. It’s not a job for her. Never has been. Even though she is one of the most professional of the professional when it comes to contemporary Gospel recording artists, I have personally sat under her ministry on several occasions, both in Australia and in the United States – she is so much more than a great musician. I can say with great conviction and absolute confidence that, more than a worship leader and more than a recording artist and more than a songwriter, Darlene Zschech is a firebrand and revivalist. She is one of God’s burning torches that has set generations and geographies on fire for Jesus. More than perhaps any other project she has previously recorded, or contributed to, Revealing Jesus reveals the heart of a revivalist desperate to see people encounter the Living, supernatural Christ in the place of worship.

A Song for a Generation 

“Victor’s Crown” is not only the standout track on the album; I believe it is a “Shout to the Lord” for this new generation. The song actually carries a rare two-fold anointing, bringing people into a glorious, expressive exaltation of Jesus, the One Who overcame the world, and then, releases a stirring decree of spiritual warfare: “Every high thing must come down, every stronghold shall be broken.” The first time I heard the song was Darlene leading it at a Joyce Meyer conference. The place was electric with the Presence of God. People made the song their own. Joyce herself was actually staggering in God’s glory! It is one of those songs that carries something special.

More than a Worshipful Anthem 

“In Jesus’ Name” is similar, as it is once again a powerful tool for warfare. More than a worshipful anthem, it is a boisterous declaration of praise. In both of these songs, Zschech manages to balance both Christ-centric worship and authoritative announcements of conquest, warfare, and victory. The bridge truly takes praise to a whole other level – “God is fighting for us, pushing back the darkness, lighting up the Kingdom that cannot be shaken. In the Name of Jesus, the enemy’s defeated. And we will shout it out, shout it out!” The build and momentum is powerful.

A Rare “Praise Find!” 

“God is Here” is a great opener and will serve many congregations as one of those rare “praise finds.” (Well-written up-tempo songs are a rarity these days). More than getting people on their feet and clapping, it actually puts some prophetic words in our mouths:

“Open the gates Lord, reveal Your glory. Open the nations, establish Your Kingdom. Open the heavens, pour out Your Spirit. Jesus be revealed, Jesus be revealed!”

A Great Album

Every song is worthwhile and stunning in its own unique way. Kari Jobe leads Zschech’s “Yours Forever” (which you may remember from her previous studio album, You Are Love); “I Am Yours” – particularly the DVD version – is another highlight, with Michael W. Smith in the background; “Your Name/Cry of the Broken” is a great coupling of Paul Baloche’s popular anthem with a song that carries deep, personal significance to Zschech. And of course, there are the two Israel Houghton songs that Darlene absolutely rocks – “Jesus At the Center” and “Your Presence is Heaven.”

The DVD 

The DVD features a very special segment – that will have great sentimental value for those of us who grew up with Zschech. Darlene and Michael W. Smith lead “Shout to the Lord” and “Agnus Dei.” Once again, songs that were born in heaven and simply stewarded on Earth as the ears of God’s intimates captured the words and melodies.

The Entire Experience

I encourage you to go for the entire experience: CD, DVD, and the 365-Day devotional that Darlene wrote to accompany the project. You will truly encounter the presence and power of Jesus!

Check out Victor’s Crown here!

What About You?

What did you think of the album? Let me know in the comments below!

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