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Home by Kim Walker-Smith Music ReviewI’ll be honest, when I heard that Kim Walker-Smith was doing something slightly unconventional and different from the typical Jesus Culture fare, I was concerned. Needless to say, every concern was put to rest (and then some) as I listened through the album after one go around. No exaggeration.

Was I concerned because I didn’t think Kim could pull different off? No. As a vocalist and worship leader, she is in a league of her own. I just think what she has brought to the global worship community over the last 5 to 7 years (through her involvement with Jesus Culture and her outstanding recent solo project, Still Believe) has been nothing short of revolutionary.

And also, I have significant admiration and respect for her because of her willingness to unashamedly worship in the Spirit—and actually leave those moments recorded on the actual albums! In Darlene Zschech terms, Kim Walker-Smith is an extravagant worshiper. In an age of so much compromise, performance, and showmanship, Kim remains a woman who has been undeniably touched by God’s Presence, marked by His call, and lives to declare His message through worship. Freedom. Healing. Deliverance. Power. God’s unconditional love. Jesus’ chain-breaking power. These are the messages delivered with holy fire through her worship.

This brings us Home. Some reviewers attempted to describe it as Kim going Norah Jones. Not really. It’s not Norah (although there are moments of simplicity and haunting vocals that do remind us a bit of Norah Jones or Eva Cassidy). It’s not typical explosive Jesus Culture fare either. Home is like Kim, really—a project in a league of its own, and for this reason I give it my highest recommendation.

I’ll be honest, I’m still getting into the songs—but I find myself wanting to and enjoying the journey. It’s not tolerable; it’s an absolute delight.

I will say this: “Unstoppable Love” the second track, is a standout. Haunting sound. Powerful vocals. Strong declaration. Lyrically simple, but so relevant to each and every one of us who have experienced the relentless, unstoppable love of God chasing us down. Love the beginning/closing lyrics – “Try to stop Your love… and You would wage a war.”  The more Norah Jones-y cuts are “Home” (the title track, with a slight country/bluegrass flair) and “My One and Only.”

Other favorites are “Christ the Rock” and “Relentless Pursuit.” Skyler Smith, Kim’s husband, is undeniably a fantastic partner to her in life and worship. The blending of their voices on cuts like “Face to Face” make for a wonderful melodious experience.

Phenomenal work, Kim and Skyler. Projects like this make me welcome the “new and different” with open arms – any time you want to share it with us. Thanks for showing the world a snapshot of your lives and relationship with God through Home.

Check out “Unstoppable Love” on Youtube in the video below:

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