Life Supernatural Interview with Sean Smith

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

Are you hungry for the power of the Holy Spirit? Are you fed up with tired religious traditions? Do you want revival? I Am Your Sign is an inspiring, invigorating look at some of history’s most powerful moves of God. If you think that faith has been drying up for two millennia, get ready to read [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Marc Lawson

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

  “The 166 Lifestyle” gives a vivid and inspiring description of the new normal Christian lifestyle which all believers are called to by JC to walk in on a daily basis. It proposes a model of living patterned after what we see in the book of Acts and which the body of North Gate Church [...]

Reinhard Bonnke Good News Orlando Event

Reinhard Bonnke Good News Orlando Event Recap by Larry Sparks

This past Friday, I attended what many believe was a truly significant event in the spiritual history of the United States—Reinhard Bonnke’s first Good News Crusade. Friday marked the first of two evangelistic crusades that took place in Orlando, Florida at the Amway Arena. Over 10,000 people were gathered in the arena and there was [...]

Reinhard Bonnke Shares the Secret to Activating God’s Power in Your Life

Larry Sparks interviews Reinhard Bonnke on the Power of God

If anyone knows about activating the power of God in his life, it is evangelist Reinhard Bonnke! I had the honor of interviewing him during the Voice of the Apostles conference in Orlando, FL. During his two sessions, he shared what I believe is the secret to walking in sustained supernatural power. Everyone is looking [...]

Voice of the Apostles 2013 – Day 3

Voice of the Apostles Day 3 Recap with Larry Sparks

The conference has been absolutely incredible! Over the past three days, I’ve run into lots of old friends and have also met a bunch of new ones. Inspirational Worship with Steve Swanson I will say this about the morning sessions—worship leader, Steve Swanson, is always a breath of fresh air. Believe me, if you are [...]

Voice of the Apostles 2013 – Day 2

Voice of the Apostles 2013 Recap Day 2

The Next Generation God is revealing His secrets to walking in the sustained power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. They are not new; just untapped. The wonderful characteristic about every speaker featured at Voice of the Apostles is that, in spite of speaking at an event, these men and women are not interested in [...]

Voice of the Apostles 2013 – Day 1

Voice of the Apostles Day 1 2013 by Larry Sparks

Worship Filled With God’s Presence You can be rest assured that an atmosphere is going to be charged with the Presence of God when the people have actually tasted the realities they are singing about in worship. Third Day led a hungry crowd of 6000+ worshipers in some of their classic songs, a few new [...]

1 Nation 1 Day with Kari Jobe

Interview with Kari Jobe at 1 Nation 1 Day with Joe Jestus of Life Supernatural

We were honored to support the recent 1 Nation 1 Day event in Honduras that was put on by founder Dominic Russo. If by chance you didn’t hear about this amazing event, you can find out more at It was truly a historic event! You can read my post on Life Supernatural about [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Lynn Thrush

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

See the world with hopeful eyes!   Reading the Bible with an open imagination allows you to see the world as God intends. In much of the world the good news of God has been reduced to a personal, private, psychological interaction with God that gets one ready to go to Heaven. This version of [...]

Life Supernatural Interview with Beni Johnson

Life Supernatural Podcast with Host Larry Sparks

Prayer Changes Things shows you how to pray the Jesus way-responding to His Father with “yes” as a matter of habit. You, too, can learn to trust Him with that same response in your everyday life. Beni Johnson and her husband, Bill, are the Senior Pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California. They serve a [...]