Reinhard Bonnke Shares the Secret to Activating God’s Power in Your Life

If anyone knows about activating the power of God in his life, it is evangelist Reinhard Bonnke! I had the honor of interviewing him during the Voice of the Apostles conference in Orlando, FL. During his two sessions, he shared what I believe is the secret to walking in sustained supernatural power.

Everyone is looking for more power in their lives and ministries.

Rightly so. The problem is not on God’s end, but rather, it is a matter of us aligning ourselves with the very thing Jesus instructed us to do in order to access and activate this supernatural power. Amazing how even a quick sound byte from one of God’s generals is absolutely priceless and captures so much… so well.

The Key to Ministry Success

I believe that when the history books are written, Bonnke will be recognized as a general of the faith and as one who enjoyed a deep personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. I have no doubt that the second factor is essentially intertwined with the first—he is a dynamic public leader because of his private devotional life. Bonnke is an evangelist who continues to witness the supernatural power of God move in his meetings and crusades, not because of his platform, but because of his intimacy with the Holy Spirit. He remains humble and hungry, recognizing that there is so much untapped potential in the Spirit living within him – and He wants it all.

There is One Anointing

At Voice of the Apostles, Bonnke made it abundantly clear – while impartation and the passing of a ministry mantle are undeniably Biblical concepts, there is only one Anointing, and that is the anointing of Jesus Christ. We should not be running from conference to conference, event to event, going after other people’s anointings – be it Reinhard Bonnke’s or Billy Graham’s – for the anointing we receive is not only the same anointing that was upon Jesus, but it has been individualized and personalized for us! We are not suited to contain or carry the anointing of anyone else except ourselves. Even Elisha did not receive Elijah’s mantle. First, Elijah had to be taken up to heaven in the chariot, and then, his mantle was touched by God. In short, before Elisha received Elijah’s mantle, it had a moment in heaven where it was touched by God Himself and personalized for Elisha’s life and ministry.

Bonnke reminds us that the anointing is the power of God within us to fulfill what we have been uniquely designed and destined to accomplish for the Kingdom.

I hope you’ll take a minute to watch the video above and let me know your thoughts below.

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