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“The 166 Lifestyle” gives a vivid and inspiring description of the new normal Christian lifestyle which all believers are called to by JC to walk in on a daily basis. It proposes a model of living patterned after what we see in the book of Acts and which the body of North Gate Church has been attempting to walk out the last 4 years. This supernatural lifestyle that the disciples and apostles modeled is NOT a pipe dream but attainable and sustainable with a few clear changes to our ways of thinking and living.

Marc and his wife Linda, have spent 29 years in full-time ministry. They desire to see the Body of Christ do the works of Jesus, as He spoke of in John 14:12, including miracles, signs, wonders, and healings as an everyday part of the believer’s Kingdom lifestyle. They have five children and eight grandchildren and live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

Original Air Date:  October, 24, 2013

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