Voice of the Apostles 2013 – Day 2

Voice of the Apostles 2013 Recap Day 2

The Next Generation

God is revealing His secrets to walking in the sustained power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. They are not new; just untapped.

The wonderful characteristic about every speaker featured at Voice of the Apostles is that, in spite of speaking at an event, these men and women are not interested in event-driven Christianity. They are not celebrities or superstars—they are mothers and fathers of the faith looking to push new generations even further than they have gone in their own ministries and quests for God.

The momentum at Voice of the Apostles has been dramatically increasing – yes, even one day can bring tremendous multiplication when it comes to God’s Kingdom activity! The message is one of expectation and urgency. The urgency is not fear-based or end-time motivated. Rather, we are urgent because we are becoming increasingly aware of the incredible inheritance on the inside of us.

The Secret to Tapping into the Power God has Given You 

Reinhard Bonnke, once again, delivered a message reminding us of the incredible power that lives inside every believer—and actually shared the secret on how to tap into that power. I was honored to interview Bonnke about this topic and we will be posting that video as soon as possible. The entire body of Christ needs to hear his words. While the interview was only two minutes in length, it provides a snapshot of the dynamic message that was released this afternoon. He reminds us, “the Holy Spirit doesn’t give power for us to do nothing.”

I’ll say this much – if you thought the only “bones” sermons in the Bible could come from Ezekiel or Elisha, Bonnke actually brought a timely word about faith, the bones of Joseph, and how the bones of this deceased patriarch had more “living faith” than some of the wilderness-wanderers who ended up carrying his bones. In conclusion, Bonnke reminded us of the high evangelistic calling that every single believer carries – “Mortal lips can preach the eternal gospel.” Amazing that lips made of flesh are able to release the words of eternal life.

Living Under an Open Heaven 

The evening concluded with a message that truly charged the atmosphere with hunger for God’s presence. Pastor Bill Johnson was on a quest to stir every attendee to live under the open heaven that was released at Jesus’ water baptism and made available because of Jesus’ blood. Johnson is no doubt, a revelatory teacher in the body of Christ. The wonderful thing is that everything he shares is truly birthed from that place of friendship and intimacy with the Father. In fact, one of the great words of encouragement he released over every person tonight was simply- “Jesus lived in response to the Father, not reaction of the devil.” Too much of spiritual warfare is “shadowboxing” with a defeated foe. So true, and so needed. 

His charge? Embrace the shift from gathering around a program, preacher or presentation to modeling Israel and encamping around God’s Presence. God’s Presence doesn’t make everything else irrelevant, but without God’s presence, everything else becomes irrelevant.

Needless to say, I staggered out of the meeting.

Looking forward to some even greater things today (Wednesday)!!

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