Learning How to Be Still in God’s Presence

Learning How to Be Still with God by Adrian Beale

When Martha was distracted by much serving, while Mary sat at Jesus’ feet listening attentively, Jesus responded to Martha’s plea for help from her sister by saying,

‘Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.’

Luke 10:41-42 (Emphasis added)

His words capture for us three critical truths.

Firstly, that in the midst of life’s hustle the ‘one thing’ above all others that is needed is time at His feet. Such time sensitizes the listener to Heaven. It was Mary, who later recognized the Glory of God and prophetically anointed Jesus for His burial.

Next, note that Jesus says what Mary was receiving ‘will not be taken away’ from her. Only eternal things cannot be taken from us. While Mary was sitting listening to Jesus she was imbibing manna from heaven – that which comes from beyond this world – and was imbued with the very Life of God itself. It is this Living word that does not ‘fall to the ground’ but penetrates hearts.

Finally, Jesus describes Mary’s deposit as ‘good.’ The Greek word used here is, ‘Agathos’ which describes something benevolent, a thing of quality, a quality deposit that is outright beneficial to others. Wow!

On many occasions sitting at Jesus’ feet is actually more beneficial to others than meeting their immediate needs.

That is because it is not the quantity or the intensity of our words, but the quality – a ‘word in season’ – that matters. Without doubt, it was a sensitivity born in the presence of His Father that caused Jesus to respond to the question on Nicodemus’ heart before he had asked it, choose to minister to only one man at the pool of Bethesda and delay in coming to Lazarus.

One time, with my good friend Adam F. Thompson, on our return flight to Australia after an intense period of ministry. We were unwinding, watching a movie or two. I chose to watch, ‘The Karate Kid.’ When the movies had finished, Adam said to me, ‘Why did you watch that?’ I said, ‘I watched that for one line, where Mister Miyagi says to his apprentice,

“‘Being still’ and ‘doing nothing’ are not the same thing!’”

Both Martha and Mister Miyagi’s student were receiving the same lesson. Things are not always as they seem outwardly, there are two realms and it is the eternal one that has priority.

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