3 Keys to Becoming a Mature Christian

Three Keys to Becoming a Mature Christian by Joan Hunter for Life Supernatural

The Challenges of Life

Life is certainly full of daily challenges. Whether alone at home or in the marketplace, we all have decisions to make which will likely affect the rest of our lives. The world often calls the Christian walk boring or dull because of the conservative stance we choose. Until the Holy Spirit took the scales off our eyes, we might well have had that same opinion. Contrary to the world’s view, walking with Jesus is the most exciting, wonderful life in the world.

My personal story includes sickness and disease, abandonment and betrayal, financial loss and disaster. My heart felt like it had been ripped from my chest, thrown on the ground and smashed into a ragged, bleeding, unrecognizable mass of dying tissue. As I stood in my shower night after night with tears pouring down my cheeks under the running water, I cried out to God for relief. My faithful dog would lie outside the shower door as the only living witness to my painful outcries to my heavenly daddy. So often, I felt dying would be such an easy answer which nearly became a reality when I was diagnosed with breast cancer two days after my divorce was finalized.

Being thrown out like an old shoe nearly destroyed my self-worth as well as any self-confidence I had left. Accidentally discovering my co-pastor / spouse was actively involved in an alternative lifestyle devastated our family unit, disintegrated our church, and damaged life-long friendships.  I found myself hitting rock bottom with nowhere to go but up. The only assurance I had to hang onto was God as He guided me minute by minute, hour by hour into my ultimate destiny of today.

Do I still have challenges? Oh, yes. But what great opportunities to overcome! God has given me a huge assignment to spread His message and healing power to the 4 corners of the earth. Overwhelming? It could be; however, I know God will always open the doors and smooth my path as long as I follow His voice and direction. Oftentimes, the bigger the battle, the bigger the victory.

A Legacy of Faith

Growing up with international evangelists for parents was a continuous challenging education. I witnessed and experienced every area of ministry alongside two remarkable anointed people. They stood as beacons to thousands around the world. Their only goal was to follow Jesus with their whole hearts. I have followed in their footsteps to expand and reach even more people with the Good News of the Gospel.

As front runners in the modern day healing ministry, my parents laid hands on the sick and saw thousands recover. My dad ministered the baptism in the Holy Spirit to countless thousands. They knew “If Charles and Frances Hunter can do it, you can do it too!” Their instructional books, CD’s and DVD’s in several languages have circled the globe. Teaching every Christian to minister to one another was an important message in Bible times as it is in the modern world of today.

God’s commission on my life continues in their legacy. We are reaching more and more people daily with online access to live meetings as well as hundreds of hours of teaching from the past many years. The internet communication is such a blessing to worldwide ministry. Prayer requests, testimonies and ministry updates can be sent and received quickly from every country in the world.

Three Keys to Becoming A Mature Christian

SALVATION AND BEYOND: The salvation message is the prime focus of many churches. I believe it is simply the jumping off point into a wonderful Christian life; however, the born again experience is only the first step on the ladder. One can be saved but still live a miserable life. One of my goals is to educate and encourage the believer to keep progressing up the ladder to the victorious Christian life God has promised in His Word.

HEALING: Healing is not limited to the physical diseases of our human bodies. I believe and teach all areas of life need supernatural healing – spirit, soul, mind, body, finances and relationships.  For instance, a traumatic event in childhood can affect a person for a lifetime. A simple prayer can bring freedom, healing and a new countenance to the oppressed. It is so much fun to set the captives free. No muss, no fuss, no screaming or yelling. Just the right words from a Spirit filled believer, said with total faith in the Healer and the work is done.

EDUCATION: The right education brings the necessary knowledge to accomplish a goal. My teachings are done simply and to the point. A child can understand and follow the steps I freely share. Practical experience, anticipation for His anointing and fullness of joy increases self-confidence and peace that a Christian is truly following in Jesus’ footsteps. Read, pray, learn and apply. Then send us a testimony as to what God is doing through you. That’s all we ask.

What is Your Purpose?

What are you looking for today? What has God called you to do? Utilize the resources at hand. Find teachers who line up with your God-inspired desires. Do you want to teach on faith? Find the teachers, books, CD’s and DVD’s on faith. If you want to minister to children, find a successful children’s ministry to partner with.

If you truly want to minister supernatural healing to people around the world, come alongside a healing ministry and learn all you can. Most importantly, listen to God’s voice. Move when He tells you to move. Pray when He tells you to pray. Minister healing to the scruffy person on the street corner if and when God tells you to reach out. Be God’s hands. Minister and love with His heart. Speak His words. Allow God to work through you to His hurting children.

Wherever You Go

Airports, restaurants, rest rooms or meetings….I listen for a clue to someone’s need and reach out. Watch for a limp or a troubled look. Ask if you might pray for them. Be sensitive and understanding. Think as God would think. Do not react like the world. You may be the closest thing to God or Jesus that this person will ever encounter. They don’t need to know your name or where you are from. You may never see them again. Be an angel messenger sent from God to minister to them in love right where they are….sitting in a pile of garbage on the street or dining at a fine restaurant. Quietly and simply, pray. Jesus didn’t get crazy. You shouldn’t either.

Everyone has challenges. The reaction to those challenges will determine the rest of your life. Making correct choices requires a connection with the One who ordered your birth and is waiting patiently for you to turn to Him for guidance. Under His protection and love, life is wonderful. Working for Him and with Him is glorious.

Commit Yourself Today

Do you want an exciting life? Do you want to live for Him? Are you willing to walk His way? Commit to follow Him. Invite Him into every area of your life. Let His Holy Spirit direct your path.  Be healed. Be whole. Walk in His prosperity and love. If you aren’t there yet, pray, research, learn and execute. Teach and share with the next person. Share what you learn. Spread the Good News.

The Great Commission was given to all believers. One or two people can’t minister to the world. Jesus had twelve disciples who did what they could. Only with the infilling of the Holy Spirit can God possibly reach all corners of the world. God asks each of us to reach our corner of our world. If every believer obeyed His instruction, what a revival would spread around the globe!

What is your part in His plan? The choice is now yours. Let me know your purpose and how God is leading you in the comments below!

Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve……
But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15

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Joan Hunter About Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter has been involved in the healing ministry for over thirty years. Along with her parents, Charles and Frances Hunter, she has ministered to thousands of people in the area of physical healings. She has traveled the world, laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. God has expanded her ministry to include total healing-body, soul, and spirit.Joan is married to Kelley Murrell and lives in Pinehurst, Texas. You can find out more about her and her ministry at www.JoanHunter.org