Beseeching God for a Miracle

Beseeching God for a Miracle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written earlier this year by Neal Pylant. This last week it is with great sadness that we learned of Neal’s unexpected passing. Last week, seemingly in honor of this wonderful man’s life, Neal’s book, A Touch from Heaven hit the New York Times Bestsellers list for E-Books. It is in loving memory of this amazing man that we share this article with you now.

A parent’s love. A child’s struggle. An amazing true story!

I have found life to be the best teacher; learning many lessons through experiences that have taken me to mountain tops and others that carried me to the lowest valleys. But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is when I put all my faith and trust in God, He will lead me out of the valley and allow me to stand on the pinnacle, once again.

More than thirty five years had passed since a male child had been born in my father’s family. I was the sixth born and the only survivor of seven to carry on our family name to the next generation. Then, on January 23, 1981, God blessed us with our legacy. My wife, Carole, gave birth to our only child. We named him, Christopher.

Our blonde-haired, blue-eyed little package of energy filled our home with much happiness and joy. Having near perfect check-ups with his pediatrician,Christopher seemed to be a very healthy little boy. But then, just a few months before his fourth birthday, our happy world was turned upside-down. The sunshine of our lives was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor and given a short time to live.

I knew if we allowed our son to remain in the hospital and accept what little the doctors could do to prolong his life; he would soon die and become just another sad statistic. Though I didn’t know much about God and less about supernatural healing, every fiber in my being cried out, “NO, Christopher will not die! God can and will heal him!”


Being that my wife, Carole, and I were from different religious backgrounds, she being Jewish and I Christian, we didn’t practice either of our faiths during the first few years of marriage. But, with our backs against the wall and with absolutely no hope in the medical arena for our son’s survival, we knew we must unite as one in our faith. Embracing Christianity and beseeching God for a miracle, we began to reach out to ministries that would pray and believe with us, that Christopher would be miraculously healed.

Initially, we saw our son’s illness only in the natural. But, while desperately trying to hang on to the smallest shred of faith we had, our battle for his life escalated and suddenly exploded onto unfamiliar territory. With the enemy exposed, we quickly found ourselves warring in the spiritual realm, fighting against an unseen adversary.

While the battle was ragging, the answers to our prayers remained elusive. It appeared as though they were being carried away by the wind and dumped into the abyss. We didn’t realize, during our faith-tested journey, a great shield of protection surrounded us, as the Holy Spirit escorted us, step by step, through the valley of the shadow of death.


I’ve learned, no matter if I find myself in the valley, on a mountain top or somewhere in between, God is always there, working out His plan for my life. By His grace and mercy, we all survived and now have the opportunity to share our extraordinary story with the world.

My son, Christopher, and I have co-authored a book, A Touch from Heaven. It will take you on a faith-tested journey while being captivated to see glimpses into the afterlife through Christopher’s near-death experience. You will also stand amazed to read of his many accomplishments as he triumphantly overcame numerous challenges.  A Touch from Heaven, will give you hope and encouragement and will stir you to believe for the impossible.

You can read a free preview of A Touch from Heaven here: A Touch from Heaven Free Preview

Pictured below from L to R: Neal Pylant, Dr Ben Carson (lead surgeon for the Pylant family) and Christopher Pylant.

Neal Pylant, Christopher Pylant and Dr Ben Carson with the New York Times Bestselling E-book A Touch from Heaven

Neal Pylant About Neal Pylant

NEAL PYLANT was born in Atlanta, Georgia, has worked in sales, owned and operated hair salons both in Maryland and Georgia, and worked with a Christian broadcasting network. He enjoyed singing and writing and has sung in church choirs and performed solos, both in churches and with a Gospel Jubilee group. Neal is now with his Heavenly Father and is survived by his two children, two grandsons, and his wife, Carole.

  • Deborah Crapse

    I am so sorry to hear of this loss. At this moment I was looking for Chris, for update on his life. To Carole and Chris,may God Bless you,and all the family.
    What an inspiration and strong man of Faith.