Christian Music: Interview with Sean Guerrero

Christian Music: Interview with Sean GurrerroJohn: With us at this time is Sean Guerrero who has a new and powerful song out called ‘Walls”. Welcome Sean.

Sean: Thanks you so much. Glad to be here.

John: Tells us a little bit about your background in music and when you knew you wanted to be a musician?

Sean: A lot of it started in the church probably when I was around 12 or 13 years old. I have an EPK out right now that tells the story pretty well. I was a shy kid. I wasn’t singing for anybody. They always tried to get me to sing in the choir and I said that’s not gonna happen.

My breaking point was after service with my friend’s brother Doug. We were in the church and he wanted me to hear this song. So he plays “Amazing Grace” and he’s trying to get me to sing the song. And I was not going to do it because I was shy even though there wasn’t anybody else in the church at that time. So he prayed for me and it was like a spritiual breakthrough. It just hit me physically and he said “Now I want you to sing”. And he got to playing “Amazing Grace” and it was like a big wall was torn down that very moment. I just broke into tears as I started singing and after that I was like “Wow”. And from that moment on I just kept singing. And every Sunday I asked the Pastor if I could sing. And every Sunday night I would sing to the cassettes and soundtracks they had.

That’s pretty much where it started. I just wanted to sing and touch the heart of God. I still do. So I would sing as much as I possibly could until God saw fit to use me in the fasion that he’s using me today.

John: Your lastest song and video called “Walls” is now out. Tell us about the song and what motivated you to write it.

Sean: The song “Walls” is a power rock ballad about warnings against suicide. I was inspired to write it when I was working overseas in Iraq. I spend a good amount of time over in that part of the world working with the government as a civilian contractor. I was in my room one day and God blessed me with this riff on my guitar and I started writing. And I started hearing all these reports about suicides that were taking place overseas and hearing about soldiers who were committing suicide. And that inspired the lyrics for “Walls”. That was 5 or 6 years ago in a little 12 X 12 trailer. I wrote it in about 5 or 10 minutes.

A couple of days later I’m sitting at my computer and God spoke to me right there in my office and said “Sean open up Microsoft word and I’m gonna give you the script”. And I got on there and God gave me the whole script for the music video. I wrote it in about 10 minutes right there on the spot. And the next thing you know we’ve go this powerful song “Walls”.

And God blessed me with the opportunity to work with Dave and Josh Moody from Lamon records. They produced and made this music video happen. The video tells a story about a man giving his life for his woman so she can live. And then you can watch this woman go through a lifetime of memories. And all the true joy and happiness that she had is stripped away by a tragic event. I won’t give away the ending but the listeners will see a message of hope at the end in spite of what has transpired.

John: It almost sounds like the story of Job.

Sean: It’s interesting you say that. I never thought about it in that fashion but it really is true. The word of God said God gives but God also takes away. While God desires to bless us and not curse us, Satan always comes around and tries to find ways to accuse you and find fault within the brethen. So when everything is taken away you have a choice. Do you go and continue to serve God or do you just give up and give into the lies. Suicide is nothing but a false vision bringing forth lies.

God’s word says God came to give life and give it more abundantly. The message we’re trying to convey in this video is a message of hope in a way people can understand and relate towards real life tragic events that do happen. And we can’t always explain why certain things happen. But the way to go about it is not to blame God and accuse Him because God loves us. So you just never know why certain things happen.

Regardless of your situation, Jesus loves you so much. You’re the apple of his eye. He doesn’t want to lose you. He wants to bless you. And in this music video you see that. He never leaves us but we push him out of the way by the decisions that we make. He is our life, He is our our way, He is our truth. And He is our love.

John: Now in the video you star in it along with a mutual friend of ours Jenn Gotzon (“God’s Country”, “Doonby”, “Alone yet not alone”). What was it like making the video?

Sean: That was the very first music video that I’ve ever done on that scale. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Jenn Gotzon is one of the most amazing actresses and woman of God that I have ever met. Her heart and passion for Jesus to move in the entertainment industry is like none I’ve ever seen. She had such an impact on people that were there. It was a life changing moment. I had an idea and a vision of what we wanted to do in this music video and the skill set that Jesus has blessed her with to play this particular role took it from like level 8 to level 25. She helped catapult it to a whole new area for the better.

The Spirit overall was incredible. We saw miracles on the set, It took us two full days of 12 hour shooting just to complete it. Jenn has a great heart and just a genuine person and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. I also had the opportunity to meet her husband Chris Armstrong, an amazing man of God who is doing great things (Chris directed the movie ‘God’s Country” which Jenn starrred in).

So yeah the music video was incredible and we believe it’s gonna affect lives all over the world for the better. I’ve had emails from people saying they had struggled with suicide or deep depression and some of the things they have said has been so encouraging.

John: This sounds like just the beginning for you. What are your future plans and goals?

Sean: Our main thing is we’re going to be doing these big promotional tours and looking to campaign with different organizations about warnings against suicide. We’ve had events at schools and colleges and speaking to students and giving them a message of hope. The next things then would be to get into the studio and record a full album.

John: Sean. thank you for your time. We will continue to pray for you and your ministry.

Sean: I appreciate that. It was a pleasure to talk with you. Thank you very much.

Check out the “Walls” music video on YouTube. You can purchase the song on iTunes.

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