Harbour Church Ministry Report

Eleven2013_banner-1040x400This weekend, I was so privileged and honored to be part of the annual Eleven Conference at Harbour Church in Pompano Beach/Ft. Lauderdale. I am so grateful to know that this powerful church, pastored by the wonderful Darren and Wendy Davis, has got the South end of our region covered. Seriously, they are pressing in, big time, to pursue God’s presence, create a Kingdom/family culture, and raise up and release sons and daughters who represent King Jesus.

Day One

Friday night was all-out saturation in the Presence of God. Worship was phenomenal. The level of hunger and expectancy in the congregation could be felt. It was during the song “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” that the Holy Spirit gave me a vision and corresponding prophetic word concerning the church in our region. So encouraged, so excited about what He is doing and how He is moving. I’ll share that separately. After all, it’s yours to run with and press into.

2013-11-08 20.25.07Grant Lewis, one of the leaders at Harbour, brought a powerful word. For those of you present, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you were not there, I encourage you to check out the podcast at www.harbourchurch.org/podcast. It should be posted up here soon. In fact, I believe what he delivered was a spirit-to-spirit word that will progressively transform the mind and in turn, change our lives. In other words, there are things this humble steward of the word released that connected with my spirit before my mind could catch up. Note I said my “spirit.” Not my soul – mind, will and emotions. People preach stuff that gets our souls riled up all of the time – sometimes good, sometimes bad. This was a message that resonated in the spirit, was saturated in the Word of God, and I believe, will be one of the landmark reminders that help escort us from glory to glory—particularly when it comes to knowing Who our God is and simply believing Him. It’s time to get passed the formulas. I’m tired of the religious process that does everything possible to reduce God, and His miracles, and His works, and His ways to a set of principles. Principles have their place, but should never be elevated above the pursuit of His Presence. Thanks, Grant.

At the close of the message, Grant prayed for people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit—specifically, to pray in tongues. I loved how he presented it. Nothing pushy. No showmanship. No inappropriate elevation of one gift of the Holy Spirit over the next. It is simply available, and those who wanted it could receive. People flooded the front of the church. And what an atmosphere. No pressure. No preacher hitting people on the head, trying to manufacture something (I’ve seen it all, believe me). Just the pursuit of His Presence. Just sensitivity to how God was moving. It was so wonderful because I got to help pray for some people, and it was obvious that Holy Spirit was doing stuff beyond tongues. He had that one covered for sure, but other people were simply being immersed in more of God’s love, more of His presence, move of His power. That’s my favorite prayer to pray—”More.” He so faithfully and consistently delivers on that one.

2013-11-08 21.45.20Needless to say, Friday night was absolutely outstanding. But remember, God’s travel plan is “glory to glory.” I was getting geared up for a whole other level come Saturday.

In fact, I want to encourage you… I know in the past we have considered conferences or events or services “awesome” because of the “word” that so-and-so brought. We need the word, yes, but I believe the greater dimension of “awesome” happens when that word ushers us into an encounter with the Author of the Word. That is exactly what happened at Eleven.

Day Two

Saturday morning was another deep drink of God’s Presence. The worship was outstanding. By the way, the Harbour has an outstanding worship community. More than a single team, it’s obvious they are pressing in to develop and raise up a culture of artists, songwriters, and worship leaders who operate out of the Presence. So special.

The worship on Saturday morning was explosive, yet sweet. Mary Kat and Andrew Ehrenzeller are one-of-a-kind worship leaders. In fact, it was Mary Kat’s song, “Who Can Compare” that was an anchor that helped sustain me through a very dark season this past summer when I lost a dear friend (check it out here). They write, worship and prophesy out of a deep place of intimacy with Jesus. Love it. It just flows, and people get caught up in it. Those are my favorite worship leaders—the ones who easily fade into the background, for they have accomplished their mission. They have ‘led’ people into a place of worshipping Jesus, not worshipping the music or the talent or the people on a platform. Love it!

In fact, as they sang one of my favorite songs, “Spirit Break Out,” Holy Spirit dropped another word in my spirit concerning the church in South Florida. I will share in a different post later in the week. The atmosphere was just ripe for the prophetic, and every prophetic word I received was geared toward encouraging the church in South Florida. It doesn’t take a prophet to call out the dirt in people, or the church; it takes take the Holy Spirit, however to show us solutions to declare, and in turn, call forth destiny and purpose. That’s New Testament prophesy—one who delivers solutions.

Darren Davis delivered a powerful word that struck me on a variety of levels—perhaps, most notably, was God’s heart to sustain revival from generation to generation. This happens in the context of family and community. God has given Harbour a beautiful vision of Kingdom culture as it pertains to the family, both in the church context and family as in mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, etc.

His word ushered us into an encounter with Jesus. Loved the ministry times at Harbour. Reminded me of how my personal story was significantly shaped my a ministry time at Harbour a few years go, after Allen Hood preached about revival. But that’s for another day!

And then, I had the privilege of teaching a breakout session at 2:30pm on Revival in the Media. So fun. Always a joy to talk about my passion—revival and the move of God. I spoke about Increasing the Momentum of Your Message Through Media.

2013-11-09 15.35.18The essence of my message was this. The world is not lacking right now for more Christian information; however, there is a famine for Testimony. Testimony happens when we declare the acts and works of God that we see with our eyes. This is what we need to pass on from generation to generation. As soon as the message is available, I will be sure to post it.

It broke down like this…

What is your message? Testimony.

How do you increase the momentum and reach of your Testimony? Media.

And finally, I sensed the Holy Spirit wanted to release ‘burning words’ to those who were present. This is what Catherine Booth, wife of the founder of the Salvation Army, sought. She heard the best preaching and teaching across the Earth, but when all was said and done, she was looking for words birthed out of God’s fire and Presence, the “burning words” from the Burning One.

Needless to say, there was a powerful time of ministry and the Holy Spirit touched every person uniquely.

That’s my passion. I love speaking and sharing, but honestly, I’m even more happy to shut up and shut down my agenda ANY day of the week, ANY moment when Holy Spirit comes to give Jesus Christ great glory by touching and transforming people. That’s the zenith of ministry for me.

Such a wonderful time with such a wonderful church!

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