Jesus, The One Whose Presence is Released Through Praise

Jesus, The One Whose Presence is Released Through Praise by Larry Sparks Day 21 Advent Devotional

Day 21 of the “What Child is This?” Advent Devotional

But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. (Psalm 22:3)

During Christmas season, why is it that people seem more open than usual to hear the Gospel? Churches talk about those they brand as “CEOs” or the Christmas and Easter only crowd. Why is this the case? Have we ever wondered, “What’s so special about Christmastime that seems to lower defenses and heighten openness to the things of God?”

It’s not shopping. It’s not presents. It’s not food. It’s not snow or Christmas trees or Santa Claus. Even going to church won’t do it. No natural acts, even through religious expression, have the ability to increase one’s openness to the things of God. This is something produced exclusively by the Holy Spirit.

I’m sure there are more factors than this, but there is a reality that God’s Presence inhabits the praise of His people. If Scripture never gave us some concrete examples of this, I would not even consider Psalm 22:3 to be a strong text to support this Truth.

But time after time, in both Old and New Testaments, we watch as people praise God, and God responds by supernaturally shifting atmospheres. Battles are won in the Old Testament, not because of some skilled military plan, but because musicians were stationed on the front lines. Praise went up to God and in response, God came down and confused Israel’s enemies. He sent ambushes against them. A prophetic shout was responsible for leveling the fortified walls of Jericho. We even see in the Book of Acts that as Paul and Silas praised God in their prison cell, the atmosphere was charged with God’s chain-break power. Paul, Silas, and all of the inmates in the vicinity were physically set free from their shackles because of what praise ushered into that environment.

As praise goes up, power comes down. As glory ascends, it also descends. It is interesting to note that a torrent of praise is being offered up across the Earth at this time of year. Christmas carols blare in shopping malls and public places that boldly proclaim the message of the Gospel. People cannot escape it. Could it be that as praise is being lifted up during this season, Heaven is actually coming down among the people and breaking through those barriers than demand divine intervention? I think so.

When Jesus’ birth is announced, the angels invite us to consider this reality as they sing, “Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” (Lk. 2:14).

After reflecting on the lyrics of their praise, it would appear that something offered up to God actually has the power to shape the climate down on Earth. There is something about giving glory in the highest that has a direct impact on the Earth, releasing peace and goodwill. This surely has the ability to shift the atmosphere and prepare hearts to receive the King.

Advent Prayer 

Father, open my eyes and ears to what is going on in the spirit this time of year. 

As glory and praise go up, I ask that Heaven would continue to come down. Release Your peace and goodwill toward men. Prepare every longing heart to receive the King of Glory.

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