Life Outside the Matrix: A Journey into the Supernatural Faith Lifestyle – Book Review

Life Outside the Matrix by Venetia CarpenterUnplugged from the Temporal – Connected to the Supernatural

Life outside the Matrix is Venetia Carpenter’s story. In response to Jesus’ invitation, Carpenter quit her job, spent extended time in prayer, recorded the lessons she learned in a journal, rested and trusted in Him (Jesus) for all her finances. This is her account of obedience, trusting, and learning to walk in supernatural realms of faith.

Carpenter describes the details of adopting a lifestyle of faith that does not look at our circumstances but is based on the word of Jesus alone; a lifestyle that does not come from a attitude of the heart which causes fear, but looks to previous faith encounters for assurance that Jesus was, still is, and will provide for every need.

Carpenter’s journey of faith is engaging drawing the reader into a vicarious experience; is easily understandable, is believable, and is encouraging, filled with scriptural promises accessible to every believer.

Life Outside the Matrix – A Journey into the Supernatural Faith Lifestyle buoys the spirits of the reader; inviting them to step out in faith and join her in seeing miracles released, and in experiencing a new norm in supernatural living during these critical times.

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A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.


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