Overwhelmed By the Spirit: Empowered to Manifest the Glory of God – Book Review

Overwhelmed by the Spirit by James MaloneyPractical Principles and Applications for Experiencing the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

James Maloney is a gifted communicator, an expressive story teller and an articulate writer.  I was emotionally touched and moved with compassion as I read his vivid descriptions of physical suffering and the plight of the diseased and infirmed in hopeless circumstances. Humanly speaking, doomed to more horrific suffering and death.

Overwhelmed by the Spirit offers hope to the suffering and a challenge to the reader; to take action and join him in unlocking the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit available within and to do His work.

This is strong theological teaching on the Holy Spirit, well-documented, from a Charismatic tradition, with practical principles and application that cross over any denominational lines. I appreciated the scholarly presentation at an academic level that will be appreciated by theologians, yet written with clarity easily understandable at a layman’s level.

The book details the progression of the Maloney’s ministry and takes him to a new understanding of what it means to manifest the sonship of God and to allow Christ full reign in his life. Consistent with his testimony and with Biblical teaching James helps the reader discover their gift and calling, experience supernatural experiences in their lives, to walk in the miraculous, and to lead others to Christ.

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A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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