Dr Bob’s Health Tip: Radishes and Digestion

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Do you know what you eat, and how your body responds to the morsels can help you resolve chronic health issues? I have patients who have told me that radishes create so much distress in their digestion that they cannot let one of them pass their lips – not even in a potato or macaroni salad – a summer favorite.

Radishes are classified as bitter herbs which serve the body by promoting liver health and gall bladder bile release; the detergent in your body . It is a fact that nearly 500,000 gall bladder surgeries occur in the USA, most of which if the community of citizens was informed could be totally prevented!! Gall bladder surgery usually occurs in patients who have a fair complexion, are over forty years old and female overweight with a waist greater than 35 inches.

Try including radishes in your diet to promote a healthier liver and cleanse your gall bladder.

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