The God Watchers: Jesus Did What He Saw His Father in Heaven Doing (Review)


A Fresh Awakening – Pursing the Life and Adventure of a God Watcher

Internationally acclaimed, bestselling author, Don Nori Sr. continues to set the pace for a new generation of Christ followers in his new book “The God Watchers.”

Nori describes the reality of an interactive personal relationship with God; experiencing His presence, discerning what He is doing, seeing things from His perspective, and participating in those activities in the power of His spirit. Nori writes with a contagious passion.

After reading just a few of Nori’s illustrative experiences I was reminded of many important spiritual lessons and was infused with a sense of excitement and a fresh

reawakening of that “first love” experience with Jesus – a childlike faith and the joy of fellowship with Him and His followers. As I continued to read my eyes were also opened to the realization that as an adult there are still lessons I can learn, I need to be open and teachable. Each chapter of “The God Watchers” is filled with challenge, instruction, and new insight into the life changing truth of God’s Word.

“The God Watchers” is a book for those seeking God with their whole heart, willing to yield themselves to a new life of spiritual adventure in the realm of the supernatural; daily discovering what is on God’s heart.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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