The Torture of Desire

Torture of Desire by Jackie KendallIt has been said that suffering is having what you do not want (singleness), and wanting what you do not have (a husband). As a single woman, you would probably scream “Amen” to such a description of suffering. You know what it is like to get up each day knowing that you do not have what you want—a husband. How do you cope with such a longing?

Longing for what you do not have is a universal condition. It is not limited to singles. It is true that the longing for a husband can be satisfied on your wedding day, but that longing is soon replaced by desires and expectations about the marriage relationship that may not be satisfied in a thousand lifetimes. If you are presently discontent as a single woman, you can count on being dissatisfied as a married woman in the future.

The mystery of contentment often seems to escape the understanding of the single woman. She assumes that her circumstances justify her condition and give her permission to remain dissatisfied with her life assignment. Not having learned how to lay down the terrible burden of always wanting life to be on her terms, she continues to struggle with the torture of her desires. The restlessness caused by her desire for what she does not have makes waiting seem an impossible task. In fact, to the discontented woman, the word wait probably compares to a cuss word in her mind. A Lady in Waiting finds her capacity to wait for God’s best to be rooted in contentment.


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Jackie Kendall has ministered through teaching and counseling for more than 30 years. As President of Power to Grow Ministries, Jackie is a sought after conference speaker for people of all ages and stages of life. Jackie has chosen a road marked by personal vulnerability, accessibility and honesty. She readily admits to being a "fellow struggler" and sees transparency as a most important link in personal growth toward Christ. She co-wrote "Lady in Waiting" which has sold over half-a-million copies and her new release "Raising a Lady in Waiting". You can find our more at: