Jackie Kendall

About Jackie Kendall

Jackie Kendall has ministered through teaching and counseling for more than 30 years. As President of Power to Grow Ministries, Jackie is a sought after conference speaker for people of all ages and stages of life. Jackie has chosen a road marked by personal vulnerability, accessibility and honesty. She readily admits to being a "fellow struggler" and sees transparency as a most important link in personal growth toward Christ. She co-wrote "Lady in Waiting" which has sold over half-a-million copies and her new release "Raising a Lady in Waiting". You can find our more at: www.JackieKendall.com

The Torture of Desire

Torture of Desire by Jackie Kendall

It has been said that suffering is having what you do not want (singleness), and wanting what you do not have (a husband). As a single woman, you would probably scream “Amen” to such a description of suffering. You know what it is like to get up each day knowing that you do not have [...]

Why Physical Intimacy Ruins a Good Relationship

How Sex Can Ruin a Good Relationship by Jackie Kendall

How does physical intimacy ruin a good relationship? When two people start dating and become involved physically, the innocence disappears and one of their consciences will likely shout—“Get out!” When I first became a Christian, and had newly left behind a sex-saturated dating mentality, I started dating this wonderful Christian guy. His commitment to moral purity [...]

Is God Demanding Too Much?

Is God Demanding Too Much by Jackie Kendall

Is God demanding too much to require that you seek Him with all your heart? No way! Think of it this way. Mr. Right comes over one day and begins to speak of his devotion to you. He says what you have been waiting to hear: “I love you. I give you my heart completely. [...]

11 Truths to Becoming a Lady in Waiting

11 Truths to Becoming a Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall

Why do women tend to “go after the guys”? Why do women experience difficulty being still and waiting for the man to initiate and develop the relationship? You find the answer in one word: insecurity. An insecure woman has her world centered on something (marriage) or someone (Mr. Right) that can be lost or taken [...]

Raising a Young Lady of Faith

Raising a Young Lady of Faith by Jackie Kendall

Trusting God Ruth certainly must have considered the probability of remaining single if she left Moab and went with Naomi. Even though it promised no prospects of a husband, she chose to follow Naomi and Naomi’s God back to Bethlehem. Ruth chose to trust God with her future. She looked not with sensual sight, but [...]