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Evelyn Watkins is a dynamic conference speaker, trainer, life coach and mentor, whose extensive personal development experience has separated her from her business contemporaries. Finding her first footing in the inspirational arena, Evelyn has grown and evolved into a highly sought after life coach, corporate development liaison and captivating speaker. You can find out more at www.EvelynWatkins.com

Learning to Become Whole Again – Part 2

Learning to Become Whole Again Part 2 by Evelyn Watkins

My Root Last week we looked at the first part of becoming whole versus healing in Part 1 of this series. If you haven’t read it yet, you can here: Learning to Become Whole Again – Part 1 This week, we’re looking at my own root and how I learned and am learning to overcome [...]

Learning to Become Whole Again – Part 1

Learning to Be Whole Again by Evelyn Watkins

Becoming Whole The human body is a fascinating and complex demonstration of the self-sufficiency for which we are fashioned. It knows how to hold on to fat storage when you don’t feed it, it knows how to eliminate waste, and it has been created with a warning system and a mechanism to heal itself. Our [...]