The Ezekiel Generation: The Father’s Heart for Israel and the Church in the Last Days – Book Review

The Ezekiel Generation by Grant Berry

Fresh Insight on the Roles of Jews and Gentiles in the Body of Yeshua/Jesus Grant Berry proclaims a message of reconnection of Jew and Gentile in his book The Ezekiel Generation. The book is divided into three distinctive parts: understanding the mystery between Israel and the Church, understanding the disconnection and understanding the reconnection. Berry’s [...]

Fearless: 90 Days to Eliminating Fear from Your Life – Book Review

Fearless 90 Days to Eliminating Fear from Your Life

Finding Courage in a World Plagued by Fear Unresolved fears today are as prevalent as in the days of Moses, David, Job and throughout Israel’s history. God gave Israel a choice, return to Him for salvation and rest or continue to look to Egypt for their security. The prophet Isaiah, inspired by God, wrote this [...]

The Supernatural Man: Learn to Walk in Revelatory Realms of Heaven – Book Review


Remarkable Revelatory Teaching on Supernatural Living Adam Thompson boldly proclaims a message that moves today’s Christian from an ordinary or halfhearted dedication and humdrum experience to an exciting adventure in supernatural living. Kingdom truths and revelatory teaching from Jesus in the Gospels, the Apostle Paul, and the Prophets and writers of the Old Testament are [...]

Praying to Change Your Life Facilitator’s Guide – Book Review

Christ Centered Teaching from His Model Prayer The Praying to Change Your Life Facilitator’s Guide provides detailed steps for implementing each of the nine lessons of the course. Two DVD discs are included which feature Suzette T. Caldwell as facilitator of the series. She leads the participants with Biblically based, articulate, relevant teaching on a [...]

Relentless Pursuit: Awakening Hearts to Burn for Him – Book Review


Important Keys to Intensify and Maintain a Passionate Walk with God Antonio Baldovinos guides his reader on an exciting life changing spiritual journey in his book Relentless Pursuit – Awakening Hearts to Burn for Him.He shares glimpses into his life story, his calling, and his destiny. It is his prayer that as you read the [...]

Praying to Change Your Life: Small Group Edition – Book Review

Christ Centered Teaching from the Model Prayer He Taught His Disciples The Praying to Change Your Life course includes this student guide which is designed to provide instruction, thought provoking prayer exercises that stimulate a spirit of expectancy and a prayerful attitude of awe for God’s majesty and His omnipotent power to perform His promise [...]

Elevating Excellence: Secrets to Closing the Leadership Gap A Leadership Training Curriculum – Book Review

A Training Resource for Pastors and Ministries Leaders Elevating Excellence: Secrets to Closing the Leadership Gap is designed to help church leaders: Build a Ministry Team – Identify and Fill the Gaps Evaluate Present Weaknesses Provide Tools for Communication and Interaction among the Ministry Team Establish Ministry Goals Develop Visionary Leaders The Leadership kit includes a [...]

Elevating Excellence: Defining Choices that Lead to Relevance – Book Review


How Relevance and Choices Can Help You Achieve Success in Business, Ministry, and Life Evaluating Excellence – Defining Choices that Lead to Relevance, as the subtitle suggests, defines ten choices that when applied will lead to relevance. Curtis Wallace is recognized for his cutting edge leadership skills and his personal dedication for elevating excellence among [...]

A Fax from Heaven, Gift Edition – Book Review


Dreams, Visions, and Encounters A Fax from Heaven is made up of stories the lessons learned along the way in one family’s spiritual journey. Faye Aldridge shares from her heart how God met her in times of testing in hope of helping others find hope and comfort, assurance of an afterlife, and the reality of God’s [...]

Smith Wigglesworth: On Manifesting the Divine Nature, Abiding in Power Every Day of the Year – Book Review


A Year of Devotional Readings Gleaned from the Sermons and Writings of Smith Wigglesworth Smith Wigglesworth: On Manifesting the Divine Nature is a treasure trove of carefully selected readings from sermon material and the writings of Smith Wigglesworth. These daily devotional readings contain over 360 “nuggets of truth” which encourage the reader to be quickened by [...]