Walking in Supernatural Healing Power (Book Review)

Walking In Supernatural Healing Power

Powerful Testimonies of God’s Healing Power. Walking in Supernatural Healing Power is a source of inspiration and encouragement, a refreshing message of partnering with God in his miraculous power, in the midst of a world filled with misery, pain, sorrow, and heartache. Chris Gore captures the essence of the difference between “working for God’s love,” and “working from [...]

Alayna: a Tribute to Courage and Destiny in a Life Never Lived – Book Review

Book Review of Alayna: a Tribute to Courage and Destiny in a Life Never Lived

  A Story of Finding Courage and Faith in a Time of Grief and Loss It is about a life that left before it was lived, at first with a beating heart and soon a name, Alayna.  She was sung to and prayed for and her parents and grandparents were thrilled at the prospects of holding [...]

1 Minute a Day to a Healthier You (Book Review)

1 minute a day to a healthier you | Dr. Bob DeMaria

Natural, Biblical, Health Principles for Optimal Wellbeing Robert F. DeMaria, DC, DABCO is highly recognized globally for his contribution  to alternative health solutions. He is known as “the Drugless Doctor,” as well as for the Dr. Bob’s Guide to Health series. In 1 Minute a Day to a Healthier You; Dr. Bob provides the reader [...]

The God Watchers: Jesus Did What He Saw His Father in Heaven Doing (Review)


A Fresh Awakening – Pursing the Life and Adventure of a God Watcher Internationally acclaimed, bestselling author, Don Nori Sr. continues to set the pace for a new generation of Christ followers in his new book “The God Watchers.” Nori describes the reality of an interactive personal relationship with God; experiencing His presence, discerning what He is doing, [...]

Entangled – For Everything There is a Key (Film Review)


Illusion, Drama, Magic – Family Entertainment with a Message. Master illusionist Harris the III uses the principles of magic and the art of illusion to demonstrate how easily we are deceived by our perception or the things we think we see. Harris narrates his story highlighting significant turning points that determined the purpose of his career path and [...]

Clearly Defined Principles for Accomplishing Your Personal Vision


  In her book “Stop Waiting…Start Winning!” Dr. Teresa Hairston clearly defines ten essential principles for accomplishing your personal vision. Each power packed chapter presents an important principle, supporting scripture, thought provoking power quotes, practical information, valuable instruction, illustrative examples,and model prayers. The material is systematically organized if four phases and skillfully developed in ten chapters making up the [...]

Deliverance from Toxic Memories – Book Review


  An Open Heart – An Expectant Spirit – Deliverance from Destructive Thought Patterns In their book Deliverance from Toxic Memories – Weapons to Overcome Destructive Thought Patterns in Your Life Ken and Jeanne Harrington look at both the physical and spiritual components of memories; how they are formed, retrieved, and processed. The book is made up of three [...]

Greater than Magic: The Supernatural Power of Faith – Book Review

Greater than Magic: The Supernatural Power of Faith by Becky Dvorak

  “Greater than Magic – The Supernatural Power of Faith” challenges the reader to explore the reality of walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Becky Dvorak combines personal experiences, Biblical teaching, and practical examples from the powerful testimonies of everyday people to illustrate how to walk in the reality of the miraculous, while growing in Christlikeness. Dvorak [...]

The Gospel According to Disney – Book Review

The Gospel According to Disney by Mark I Pinsky

  The film Saving Mr. Banks has caused quite a buzz despite not being nominated for any major awards. This has centered around Walt Disney because for the first time, in the excellent portrayal by Tom Hanks, there was information about Disney’s past and his upbringing. While Disney enthusiasts have likely read the many books [...]

Examine Your Faith – Book Review

Examine your Faith Pamela Christian Book Review

Though I was not a religion major or minor in college I have had enough courses, seminars and book readings to feel fairly comfortable in my Christian education. However, when it came to Christian apologetics I admit I found myself either overwhelmed or bored. This is largely due to the fact that books utilizing apologetics [...]