Christian fitness expert challenges churches and believers to give up new age yoga



Statistics show that there are 50,000 – 100,000 yoga instructors offering classes in over 20,000 locations. This includes churches! It is time for believers to connect with the Lord using a fun and safe exercise program void of New Age influence.  Destiny Image is excited to announce this new and fun way to worship with the release of Laurette Willis’ book and DVD-set, “40 Days to Fit and Fabulous.”

Christian fitness personality, Laurette Willis, presents a custom exercise plan that is uncompromisingly faith-based and committed to enriching your life: Spirit, soul and body!

By going through “40 Days to Fit and Fabulous,” you will:

  • Develop a healthy routine for your lifestyle—spiritually and physically;
  • Engage daily in unique exercise moves based on 40 Scripture verses;
  • Follow a 40-day plan that includes inspiring daily devotions and corresponding PraiseMoves postures;
  • Workout and spend time with God—all at once!

Join the fitness revolution and become a fit witness for Christ!

Interviews, review copies and giveaway copies are available upon request.

Christian health and fitness expert, Laurette Willis, is the Founder of PraiseMoves Fitness ministry, offering a Christ-centered alternative to yoga with books, DVDs and Certified PraiseMoves Instructors worldwide. Delivered out of the New Age movement, Laurette shares valuable insights from the Word of God and helpful tips for total health in spirit, soul and body.

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