Destiny Image Joins Effort to Help Provide Shoes for Syrians

Shoes for Syrians - Destiny Image and Think Eternity

What good is a platform if you don’t use it to help others? Our friends at Destiny Image are incredibly thankful for the support of their friends and fans over the years and in 2014 they are looking for more ways to use the influence that God has given them to help others.

They are extremely excited for their first effort in this endeavor with thinke (Think Eternity) and a collection of other Social Media and Marketing Directors from numerous non-profits around the country.

As many of you know, there are millions of Syrian refugees facing cold and harsh winter months in neighboring countries without many of the basic necessities we take for granted. Destiny Image wanted to help!

Shoes for Syrians

Thinke (Think Eternity) has set up a campaign to raise $10,000 in 24 days to provide items like: socks, shoes, jackets, blankets and more for these people and their children. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to the cause and they have already raised over $1,000 in the first week of the campaign.

Double Your Gift

To help them raise even more, Destiny Image is going to match the next $1,000 donated to the cause. At the time of this writing the total stood at $1,187. So the next $1,000 that is donated beyond that total they will match $1 for $1.

If you give $8 to help supply shoes for a Syrian child, they will too. If you give $70 to help supply mattresses and blankets for a Syrian family, they will too.

It is their hope that even if you aren’t at a place where you can donate today, that you’ll head over to the site and use the sharing links to tell others about this great cause.

Shoes for Syrians

Thank you once again for your support of us at Life Supernatural and our friends at Destiny Image and we hope to help them do more projects like this one throughout the rest of the year.


Just click the link above or the image to the left to GIVE and or SHARE and Destiny Image will match the next $1,000 that is donated!

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