Founder of “Gospel Today Magazine” shares the struggles and success of her dreams to help others reach their goals


Destiny Image is pleased to announce Teresa Hairston’s latest book, “Stop Waiting…Start Winning!”


Hairston, founder of the longest-running and most widely distributed Christian magazine company in history, “Gospel Today,” shares her personal struggles and eventual success in this new book, in the hopes of helping readers realize and achieve their own dreams.


Having gone from a single mother with only $300 to her name, to becoming the founder of “Gospel Today,” Hairston is passionate about helping others.


In her book, “Stop Waiting…Start Winning!” you will learn how to:


  • Tell the difference between visions and dreams so you can take the appropriate steps to bring them to pass
  • Pinpoint where your vision is on the Vision Continuum and take it from dark to vivid
  • Resurrect old dreams you might have given up on and infuse them with new life


Hairston shares ten life-changing principles that can be applied to see dreams become reality.


“Vision guides, drives, focuses and motivates. Without it, you meander aimlessly, subject to whims, fads, and trends. With it, the path to destiny becomes clear,” said Hairston.


Dr. Teresa Hairston is an entrepreneur, leader and Christian stateswoman. As a dynamic international speaker, she has committed her life to teaching people how to fulfill their destinies based on Bible principles. Additionally, Dr. Hairston is a nationally respected pioneer, having founded Gospel Today magazine in 1989.


Interviews, review copies and giveaway copies are available upon request.


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