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Reclaiming God's Original Purpose for your Life Myle Munroe

No More Sheets: Starting Over

by Dr. Juanita Bynum II

Not only about sex, No More Sheets also gives you the steps to take to break free from all addictions keeping you bound up, including drugs, toxic relationships, as well as mental, emotional, and physical slavery situations. You will discover answers to questions that you have been wondering about. Yes! There is a world of peace and love waiting for you-step into it today.

“Juanita Bynum’s clear message of sexual morality is one that is needed for those who have not always had someone to talk frankly about such issues. She removes the deep shame surrounding the issue by openly discussing her own path to victory.”
-T.D. Jakes

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The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage Myles Munroe

Your Guide To Living Life Out Loud

by Dave Bell

“A powerful story that reminds us that we serve a powerful God. I commend Dave’s … inspirational message.”
     -Rick Warren – Author of The Purpose Driven Life

Life can be frantic, fleeting and full of challenges. It can also be a wonderful discovery, packed with adventure. Whatever your experience, there’s no doubt that it doesn’t come equipped with a step-by-step manual or an instant answer to each daily question. That’s where this book comes in.

Having faced some of life’s most daunting issues at an early age, Dave Bell reflects on his path so far and shares some practical insights that will help you plot your own course as you navigate your own unchartered territory. Focusing on the simple truth of God’s Word, this real, honest life-story invites us to take a deep breath, look ahead and begin to live every day to the full.

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The Purpose and Power of Love and Marriage Myles Munroe

Preventing The Miscarriage of Destiny

by Dr. Glen a. Staples

I am excited for you to break the seal and enter the inner sanctum of Dr. Glen A. Staples’ deepest thoughts and strengthen your womb of promise. There is no need to have a miscarriage of destiny when what is inside of you is so much greater than the obstacles around.
—T.D. Jakes

Throughout your life, God orchestrates a birthing process, to help you deliver the greatness He has deposited within you. Preventing the Miscarriage of Destiny expertly explains how the physical conception, pregnancy, and birth of a child parallel the spiritual conception, pregnancy, and birth of your God-ordained destiny.

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