Repentance Leads to Transformation

Repentance Leads to Transformation

Renewing the mind begins with repentance. That is the gateway to return to our original assignment on earth. Jesus said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” To many Christians, repentance refers to having an altar call where people come forward and weep at the altar and get right with God. That is [...]

Don’t Doubt Your Healing!

Don't Doubt Your Healing by Stephen Brooks

Wisdom and healing are two promises of God that we can receive when we ask in faith. It is God’s will for us to walk in wisdom. If it were not His will then He would not offer us the ability to receive wisdom. It is God’s will to heal, but healing must be accepted [...]

The Battle is in the Mind

The Battle is in the Mind

The only way to consistently do Kingdom works is to view reality from God’s perspective. That’s what the Bible means when it talks about renewing our minds. The battle is in the mind. The mind is the essential tool in bringing Kingdom reality to the problems and crises people face. God has made it to [...]

Are you Mixing Faith into Your Prayers?

Add Faith to Your Prayer by Stephen Brooks

The gifts of healings must be administered to others in a spirit of faith. If you pray for people expecting nothing to happen, then you will receive exactly what you expect—nothing. Always mix faith with your prayers. Even when the Holy Spirit is manifesting through you with a spiritual gift, you must still use your [...]

God is Good, All the Time!

God is Good All the Time by Bill Johnson

When some Christians find themselves in a place of uncertainty with no answer for their problem, they change their view of God and ascribe to Him character traits that are totally anti-biblical. They might convince themselves that He won’t help them out of a financial hole because He isn’t intervening in their affairs, though the [...]

Is it God’s Will to Heal?

Is it God's Will to Heal by Stephen Brooks

Concerning divine healing we have to ask ourselves a question and understand the scriptural answer in order to have the gifts of healing operate to their fullest potential. This question causes countless Christians to not receive God’s healing power. The question is, “Is it God’s will to heal?” Click To TweetPowered By CoSchedule But, beloved, [...]

Be Encouraged, God’s Timing is a Sign to You!

Be Encouraged God's Timing is a Sign by Brian Guerin

Another case of God’s amazing signs and wonders through nature was astounding indeed, not to mention quite timely. It was just another day as I knew it in my home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was driving down the road while talking to my best friend in life and ministry, David Popovici. He is [...]

Why are there Manifestations of Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones?

Why Manifestations of Gold, Silver, and Precious Stones by Brian Guerin

Signs and wonders of gold, silver, and precious stones are other manifestations of God’s being and voice in the realms of glory. A shimmering, dust-like deposit of gold and silver has been showing up for quite some time, and now appears in just about every meeting. Gold dust actually began to appear upon my hands [...]