Healing Your Emotional Pain

Healing Your Emotional Abuse with Prayer Dennis and Dr Jen Clark

Each one of us have unresolved thoughts, feelings, and impulses that seem to come right out of the blue at all the wrong times. But through healing prayer, we are learning about letting God take these unresolved issues—these things that are hidden in the depths of our hearts and are springing up, causing ungodly thoughts, [...]

5 Ways That Praying in Tongues Will Change Your Life Forever!


One of the most controversial, and sadly, most misunderstood gifts of the Holy Spirit is praying in tongues. I am convinced that there is so much antagonism aimed at this gift because of the incredible power it releases into our lives. In the same way that many reject the prophetic ministry because of abuses, misuses, [...]

The Unspoken Word

The Unspoken Word

Increasing Your Understanding of God’s Vocabulary The rhema or living word of God can be conveyed beyond words. God is not limited to using mere words or the Bible, for that matter, in the ways that He wants to communicate to us. When Elijah threw his mantle over Elisha, not a word was spoken, but in that [...]

Beseeching God for a Miracle

Beseeching God for a Miracle

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written earlier this year by Neal Pylant. This last week it is with great sadness that we learned of Neal’s unexpected passing. Last week, seemingly in honor of this wonderful man’s life, Neal’s book, A Touch from Heaven hit the New York Times Bestsellers list for E-Books. It is in loving [...]

The Restored Life

The Restored Life by Thom Gardener

We are more literate, more filled with data, than at any time in the history of the Church.  We have more books or ebooks, more teaching, webinars, powerful conferences; yet our hearts, our families, and indeed the world around us remain unchanged. There must be a further transformation, a greater becoming of who we are in Christ. [...]

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer by Don Nori Sr on Life Supernatural

I love mornings; not so much because I have to get up, but because I love to talk to the Lord first thing. It is really almost automatic these days. I already know Jesus is with me whether or not I ask Him. It is not like He needs to be reminded that we are [...]