The Gospel According to Disney – Book Review

The Gospel According to Disney by Mark I Pinsky

  The film Saving Mr. Banks has caused quite a buzz despite not being nominated for any major awards. This has centered around Walt Disney because for the first time, in the excellent portrayal by Tom Hanks, there was information about Disney’s past and his upbringing. While Disney enthusiasts have likely read the many books [...]

Here We Are – Music Review

Harbour Live Here We Are Worship Album Review by Larry Sparks

Harbour Live Sets A High Bar With Exceptional Debut Worship Album Even though Harbour’s debut album, Here We Are has been out for a few years now, it is completely worth recognizing for being a fresh breath of air in the worship community. There are others, don’t get be wrong. But as far as delivering [...]

Examine Your Faith – Book Review

Examine your Faith Pamela Christian Book Review

Though I was not a religion major or minor in college I have had enough courses, seminars and book readings to feel fairly comfortable in my Christian education. However, when it came to Christian apologetics I admit I found myself either overwhelmed or bored. This is largely due to the fact that books utilizing apologetics [...]

Beyond the Farthest Star – Movie Review

Beyond The Farthest Star Christian Movie Review

Wow! Really, that was my honest reaction after seeing Beyond the Farthest Star. And it’s ironic because Anne, the troubled daughter of Adam, pastor of a small church in the tiny hamlet of Leonard, Texas, often uses those two words as a sarcastic mantra invoked whenever someone tells her something she does not want to [...]

Stand in Awe – Music Review

Stand in Awe

One of my favorite things in the world is intelligently-penned worship music. This quality undeniably characterizes the hymns and choruses of old that still having staying power in the church today. This is why they are such an anchor to us. Such songs place a demand on us as worshipers. Timeless anthems forbid mindless worship [...]

Christmas for a Dollar – Movie Review

Movie Review Christmas for a Dollar

The Gale Sears children’s book illustrated by Ben Sowards, Christmas for a Dollar, about a family during the early part of the Great Depression has been made into a beautiful film sure to be numbered among the Christmas classics.    There is a sweet touch of the Waltons, though in this case it is a single [...]

The Ezekiel Generation: The Father’s Heart for Israel and the Church in the Last Days – Book Review

The Ezekiel Generation by Grant Berry

Fresh Insight on the Roles of Jews and Gentiles in the Body of Yeshua/Jesus Grant Berry proclaims a message of reconnection of Jew and Gentile in his book The Ezekiel Generation. The book is divided into three distinctive parts: understanding the mystery between Israel and the Church, understanding the disconnection and understanding the reconnection. Berry’s [...]

Fearless: 90 Days to Eliminating Fear from Your Life – Book Review

Fearless 90 Days to Eliminating Fear from Your Life

Finding Courage in a World Plagued by Fear Unresolved fears today are as prevalent as in the days of Moses, David, Job and throughout Israel’s history. God gave Israel a choice, return to Him for salvation and rest or continue to look to Egypt for their security. The prophet Isaiah, inspired by God, wrote this [...]

Kingdom Come – Music Review

Kingdom Come by Bryan and Katie Torwalt Review by Larry Sparks

Right off the bat, I encourage you not to compare Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s second album to their outstanding, exceptional, groundbreaking, stunning debut recording, Here on Earth (released in 2011). I make the following statement without any reservation: Here On Earth is one of the greatest compilations of worship songs I have ever heard. On [...]

4 Powerful Healing Worship Songs

4 Powerful Healing Worship Songs by Larry Sparks

Someone recently asked me for some recommendations on powerful “healing” worship/music and after going back through some of my favorite albums I decided on the following: Kim Walker-Smith: “Healing Oil” Available on her album “Still Believe” – iTunes   Bethel Music: “Healer” Available on the album Here Is Love – iTunes   Deluge: “Healing is [...]