Deliverance from Toxic Memories – Book Review


  An Open Heart – An Expectant Spirit – Deliverance from Destructive Thought Patterns In their book Deliverance from Toxic Memories – Weapons to Overcome Destructive Thought Patterns in Your Life Ken and Jeanne Harrington look at both the physical and spiritual components of memories; how they are formed, retrieved, and processed. The book is made up of three [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 2/7/2014

Reclaiming God's Original Purpose for your Life Myle Munroe

Reclaiming God’s Original Purpose for Your Life by Dr. Myles Munroe “Why are you here? What’s your purpose?“ Dr. Myles Munroe lays out biblical keys to answering these and other questions that have been plaguing mankind for generations. Normally: 16.99 Now: FREE Expires at 11:59 PM EST on 2/9/14 Get it on Amazon Now! The Purpose and Power [...]

Greater than Magic: The Supernatural Power of Faith – Book Review

Greater than Magic: The Supernatural Power of Faith by Becky Dvorak

  “Greater than Magic – The Supernatural Power of Faith” challenges the reader to explore the reality of walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Becky Dvorak combines personal experiences, Biblical teaching, and practical examples from the powerful testimonies of everyday people to illustrate how to walk in the reality of the miraculous, while growing in Christlikeness. Dvorak [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 2/4/2014

Finding Your Voice by Joel Boggess

Finding Your Voice by Joel Boggess “…a step by step tutorial on how to find your voice and live a successful life.” – Bob Burg, The Go-Giver Get unstuck and move forward in the life you were created to live! Normally: 14.99 Now: $1.99 Expires at 12:01AM EST on 2/7/14 Get it on Amazon Now! God’s [...]

The Gospel According to Disney – Book Review

The Gospel According to Disney by Mark I Pinsky

  The film Saving Mr. Banks has caused quite a buzz despite not being nominated for any major awards. This has centered around Walt Disney because for the first time, in the excellent portrayal by Tom Hanks, there was information about Disney’s past and his upbringing. While Disney enthusiasts have likely read the many books [...]

Interview with Morgan Brittany

Life Supernatural Morgan Brittany Interview

Several friends have told me that Morgan Brittany was a person we needed to interview and a few months ago I had the opportunity to meet with her and quickly agreed. I knew right away this was someone to cover as she had quite a bit to say about what Christians are faced with in [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 1/31/2014

Life Outside the Matrix by Venetia Carpenter

Life Outside the Matrix by Venetia Carpenter “What’s on the other side of stepping out in faith?” Inspiring insights and personal testimony from one of the International House of Prayer’s own leaders on the supernatural lifestyle. Normally: 14.99 Now: FREE Expires 2/2/14 at midnight. Get it on Amazon Now! Dr. Bob’s Guide to Optimal Health by [...]

Here We Are – Music Review

Harbour Live Here We Are Worship Album Review by Larry Sparks

Harbour Live Sets A High Bar With Exceptional Debut Worship Album Even though Harbour’s debut album, Here We Are has been out for a few years now, it is completely worth recognizing for being a fresh breath of air in the worship community. There are others, don’t get be wrong. But as far as delivering [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 1/7/2014

There Must Be Something More Sid Roth E-Book Deal

There Must Be Something More! by Sid Roth “Sid Roth’s Amazing True Story…” You know Sid Roth from “It’s Supernatural” but do you know how he got there? Normally: 15.99 Now: FREE Expires 1/9/14 at midnight. Get it on Amazon Now! The Miracle of the Scarlet Thread by Dr. Richard Booker “Over 20 FIVE Star Reviews!” [...]

Destiny Image Joins Effort to Help Provide Shoes for Syrians

Shoes for Syrians - Destiny Image and Think Eternity

What good is a platform if you don’t use it to help others? Our friends at Destiny Image are incredibly thankful for the support of their friends and fans over the years and in 2014 they are looking for more ways to use the influence that God has given them to help others. They are extremely [...]