Examine Your Faith – Book Review

Examine your Faith Pamela Christian Book Review

Though I was not a religion major or minor in college I have had enough courses, seminars and book readings to feel fairly comfortable in my Christian education. However, when it came to Christian apologetics I admit I found myself either overwhelmed or bored. This is largely due to the fact that books utilizing apologetics [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 1/3/2014

Ridiculous Faith Shundrawn Thomas

Ridiculous Faith by Shundrawn Faith “I recommend this book to all who desire to expand their knowledge of faith.” – Dr Myles Munroe Normally: 15.99 Now: FREE Expires 1/5/14 at midnight. Get it on Amazon Now! Spiritual Revolution by Patricia King “Experience the Supernatural In Your Life!” Stand up and be counted in the Spiritual Revolution. [...]

Beyond the Farthest Star – Movie Review

Beyond The Farthest Star Christian Movie Review

Wow! Really, that was my honest reaction after seeing Beyond the Farthest Star. And it’s ironic because Anne, the troubled daughter of Adam, pastor of a small church in the tiny hamlet of Leonard, Texas, often uses those two words as a sarcastic mantra invoked whenever someone tells her something she does not want to [...]

Interview with Francine Locke – Stand Your Ground

Francine Locke actress from Stand Your Ground movie

We have been hearing a great deal about a new film coming out January 17th, 2014, Stand Your Ground  and about one of its principal stars, Francine Locke.  She has already been making waves in the faith and family film world so we knew we needed to be in touch with her for details.  Francine [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 12/24/2013

Just Believe by Tracy J Trost and Jim Stovall

Just Believe by Tracy J Trost and Jim Stovall “An inspirational story that will transform your life!” Over FIFTY 5 Star Reviews Normally: 14.99 Now: FREE Expires 12/26/13 at midnight. Get it on Amazon Now! A Christmas Snow by Jim Stovall and Tracy J Trost “Based on the inspirational Feature Film!” #1 in 3 Different Categories [...]

Janes Russell, a Pioneer for Christians in Hollywood

Jane Russell Pioneer for Christians in Hollywood

“I love the Lord”  is a beautiful statement that summed up Jane Russell’s philosophy.  While she was  best known for musicals, Westerns, and adventure films, too little has been said about her strong belief in God and how she has practiced her faith.  Hopefully this story will end some of that and to salute her [...]

Experiencing God’s Presence at Bethel Church

Experiencing God's Presence at Bethel Church by Larry Sparks

Right now, I am sitting at a Starbucks in Redding, CA, gearing up for a day of filming with Bill Johnson at Bethel Church. Over the next two days, we are recording a DVD-based curriculum series based on his teaching, Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind. We are approaching this project with great expectation, as [...]

Stand in Awe – Music Review

Stand in Awe

One of my favorite things in the world is intelligently-penned worship music. This quality undeniably characterizes the hymns and choruses of old that still having staying power in the church today. This is why they are such an anchor to us. Such songs place a demand on us as worshipers. Timeless anthems forbid mindless worship [...]

Master Illusionist Harris III Shares Gospel in Amazing Video

Harris III Shares the gospel in "The Truth" video for Entangled DVD

(Nashville, TN) Master Illusionist Harris III’s video titled “The Truth” in which he uses his skills as an illusionist to share the Gospel message in an amazing and beautiful way is sweeping over the internet this week as his new DVD “Entangled” hits stores. The video which was shared on UPtv’s site received over 4,000 [...]

Harbour Church Ministry Report

Harbour Church Ministry Report

This weekend, I was so privileged and honored to be part of the annual Eleven Conference at Harbour Church in Pompano Beach/Ft. Lauderdale. I am so grateful to know that this powerful church, pastored by the wonderful Darren and Wendy Davis, has got the South end of our region covered. Seriously, they are pressing in, [...]