Phyllis Tickle – The Ancient Key to Supernatural Christianity


  How does the theology of an “Ancient Ghost” actually give you a blueprint for the shaping of Christianity today? What is it about the Third Person of the Trinity that has inspired so much controversy, debate and interest? Join Larry Sparks as he interviews prolific author, Phyllis Tickle, on her latest book, Age of [...]

48 Hour Sale for Cindy Trimm!

40 day 2

This is just a 48 Hour Sale get the Bestselling book for only $1.99. Tell your friends and get it today! While this sale is over, you can find out about other upcoming sales and offers by signing up here: Sign up for our weekly ebook deals and get them delivered to your inbox every [...]

Christian Music Artist Jason Clark’s Anticipated Return With Free Download Of New EP Heaven’s Crush


  Concord, NC- March 24, 2014) – Singer/songwriter, Jason Clark, is set to release his highly anticipated follow-up EP to his critically acclaimed CD, Surrendered & Untamed. Clark, formerly of the band Fringe, will make all four songs available for free download to the public at,, tonight at midnight through March 31st.

Father, Son… and the Other One


  If we lost the Holy Spirit… would Christianity go on as usual? In the modern church, we seem to have it all. Big buildings. Exciting programs. Lucrative marketing efforts. And yet… in spite of all of the trimmings, is there a void? Is something, or Someone, missing from our programs? Does this Someone actually [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 3/18/2014

Unlock Your Potential by Dr Myles Munroe

Unlock Your Potential: Becoming Your Best You by Dr. Myles Munroe Learning how to maximize your potential gives you the confidence to release the God-given gifts and talents trapped within you.  You can make a difference in your world now! “Now it is God who has made us…and has given us the Spirit as a [...]

Christian Music: Interview with Sean Guerrero

Christian Music: Interview with Sean Gurrerro

John: With us at this time is Sean Guerrero who has a new and powerful song out called ‘Walls”. Welcome Sean. Sean: Thanks you so much. Glad to be here. John: Tells us a little bit about your background in music and when you knew you wanted to be a musician? Sean: A lot of [...]

Maker’s Diet Revolution


  Get ready to unlock to ancient secret to total transformation—body, soul, and spirit! Larry Sparks interviews bestselling author and nutrition expert Jordan Rubin about what it takes to walk in abundant health. It is not another “drop the pounds, then back to normal” diet, health fad or even some extreme workout program. It is [...]

Do Not Be Afraid!


  Are you afraid… of living the rest of your life in fear? Time after time, Scripture reminds the people of God that fear should not part of our normal Christian lives. We have not been given a spirit of fear. In fact, God commands His people, time after time—“Do not be afraid!” It is [...]

Your Weekly E-Book Deals – 3/11/2014

How to See Heaven (Book 1)

How To See Heaven (Book 1): Accessing Divine Secrets by Jonathan Welton How to See Heaven is the how-to guide for seeing into the spirit realm.  As a teacher and seer himself, author Jonathan Welton raises the standard for walking in wisdom, character, and power.  Carrying a revelatory forerunner anointing, he imparts fresh new understanding and Kingdom perspectives [...]

The Making of a Prophet: Practical Advice for Developing Your Prophetic Voice


  Have you been called to be a prophetic voice? If the answer is “Yes,” chances are, you might asking: “How do I step into this calling?” After all, there aren’t any Prophet 101 courses out there… are there? Larry Sparks interviews seasoned prophetic voice, Jennifer LeClaire about the journey from being called as a [...]